I hope our camp will deescalate the conflct with Warren.

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      Elizabeth Warren looked rather childish when she tried to intensify the tempest in the teapot arising from something Bernie Sanders said or didn’t say. Then she doubled down by refusing to shake hands after the debate. Maybe her petulant attitude is an attempt to appeal to the youth vote. Anyway, I hope we don’t respond in kind. Warren supporters and Bernie detractors are swarming the blogosphere with comments to the effect that Liz showed real courage, Liz took a stand, Liz struck a blow for women, Bernie deserves it anyway, etc. Fake outrage always looks fake, usually because it has such a weak foundation. It deserves no response except to point out the inauthentic nature of the whole thing. Anyway, Warren is doing herself no favors by being mean to Bernie. She has come quite a way by being friendly and reasonable. Remaking herself in the image of Hillary Clinton will not win her many votes. Bernie seems to be ignoring her bad behavior, so maybe we should do the same.

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      This podcast from Michael Moore is titled, “The Sad Downfall of Elizabeth Warren”.  It’s 45 mins. but well worth the time.  Michael is very sad.  So am I.  But Bernie just keeps going and so should we!


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      Jan Boehmerman
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      Bernie tried to stay above the fray.  Liz would have nothing of that.

      Liz is gone.   Puff!  Buh-bye!


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      I don’t know if I am in a camp – but I was never going to vote for Warren, anyway.  What happened just confirms, for me, that Bernie could never ever trust her as VP.

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      I stick by my Devil’s intuition that Liz is getting bad advice from the very people who lose election after election after election. The real question is why the fuck she would have ever listened to them in the first place.

      Memo to Liz: These people don’t give a cherub’s pink little ass about you, they just want to destroy Bernie. If you’re collateral damage, it’s even better for them, because Biden is the candidate they really want, and should his mental lapses take him out of the race, they would still rather have Mayo Pete or Salad Comb Amy before you. By continuing to listen to these idiots, you are hurting yourself more than anything… if you hadn’t already figured that out by the responses on “social media” & the Act Blue refunds.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      Bernie tried when he rightly said ‘ I don’t want to waste a lot of time on this’ or to that effect. But of course CNN would have none of that. Instead they effectively accused Bernie of lying.

      Let them hang themselves. Bernie’s right…let’s get serious. CNN failed miserably at hosting this debate. Fuck em.

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      Primary elections being what they are, it’s nigh guaranteed that there will be a significant number of appalled Bernie supporters who will continue to send some vitriol Warren’s way.  Bernie’s campaign has already issued multiple missives asking his supporters for civility, but he can’t be held responsible for the actions of citizens.

      We’re not electing random twitter users who support Bernie – we’re electing Bernie.

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