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  • elias39 (4435 posts)
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    I just watched the movie "All is Lost"

    the one-man movie with Robert Redford. I thought it was pretty compelling! I wouldn’t have imagined a Hollywood movie without dialog.  I didn’t find it slow or tedious. If you haven’t seen it, 3 thumbs up.

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  • Alastair Quentin (4 posts)
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    1. Nice movie

    The success of this film lies in the fact that it is held well together, despite the complete absence of dialogue and this why only an actor of the stature of Robert Redford could pull this off and is in terrific shape despite his 77 years.

  • Gryneos (2066 posts)
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    2. I have seen it (only on satellite, not the theater)

    and as impressed from the beginning. Seems like I have read that the script was only 30-something pages long. Also, much of it was done in a tank and not open sea. The wiki page is a good read about it :)

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  • Alastair Quentin (4 posts)
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    3. Has anyone watched the movie "Moana"

    Moana is a great Disney movie, vibrant, joyful, with great music and enthusiastic performances.

  • Alastair Quentin (4 posts)
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    4. Nice movie

    Ya i saw “All is lost” its a nice movie .If you are a movie lover then you would like to view earn the necklace for upcoming movies this year.