‘I Mostly Listen’: Offering Blueprint for Democrats, Green New Deal Champion Chloe Maxmin Unseats Powerful GOP Incumbent in Rural Maine

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      The results of the U.S. Senate race this week in Maine—won by four-term Republican Sen. Susan Collins after Democrats poured $50 million into challenger Sara Gideon’s campaign—may have given the impression that a Trumpian right-wing agenda has an iron grip on the state’s more conservative rural voters, but the victory of Democratic state Rep. Chloe Maxmin, a progressive champion who ran on the promise of a Green New Deal and offering a “politics as public service” in a strong GOP district, tells a much different story.

      Two years after winning a seat in the state House of Representatives, representing conservative, rural District 88, Maxmin secured a win in her challenge to state Senate Republican Leader Dana Dow. As in her first campaign for elected office, Maxmin won over voters in state Senate District 13—where residents chose Collins over Gideon—by engaging deeply with her community and offering a platform focused on climate action, investing in universal broadband access, and treating healthcare as a human right.

      Maxmin’s campaign was focused on providing help to people in a part of Maine where many feel disillusioned by politics and neglected by leaders in the state legislature and Washington, D.C.—but her energy was spent less on convincing voters to back a progressive agenda and more on giving them a platform to talk about their own experiences.

      “Maxmin called upon her volunteers to reach out to every senior in her district and her network of campaign volunteers provided food, assistance with prescription drugs and identified transpiration needs,” Marie Follayttar, director of the progressive grassroots group Mainers for Accountable Leadership, told Common Dreams. “Chloe is both a community organizer and an elected official. Not only is Chloe willing to listen to the people where they are—at their dinner table or at their door—she is demonstrably responsive to their needs and leverages the organizing structure of her campaign to assist her in accomplishing mutual aid work.”

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      The Democratic Party corporation, IMO, is mostly a money-collecting and laundering racket.   Remember when Hillary fund-raised “for the states”, because her campaign had reached its limit for rich donors?  And then that money was sent to the DNC, and the states go to keep 1% or .5% of it?  All those precinct captains work for FREE.  Some may receive a small stipend, but the Democratic Party, IMO, only sees the word “grassroots” as unpaid labor, the DNC does not care what “grassroots” wants in the way of legislation or policies or even candidates.  when a progressive refers to grassroots, they mean a movement for a particular policy or candidate.  The Democratic Party seems to actually get pissy at the very thought.  and I seem to remember that, in 2016, candidates were contractually required to hire consultants from the DNC-approved list, had to spend a BIG percentage of the money they raised on TV ads, and were required to give the DNC space on their individual websites, more free ads for the DNC.  The contract was available at TYT.


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      At the state level, Democrats, led by the same Clintonite loser who nearly lost the House this year, Mook, didn’t gain a single state house or state senate majority.

      Not one. Which kills the Dems for redistricting in most states.

      They couldn’t even win the US Senate. Their strategy? Buy lots of TV ads that fewer people watch than 20 years ago, send out lots of mailers that go straight into recycle bins, mostly ignore the internet with little effort to reach out to independents and nonvoters. There was quite a bit of effort to reach out to Republicans, but not to the party’s own base.

      Because the Democrat Party despises its base, which increasingly despises it and either doesn’t vote or sometimes votes Republican just to piss off arrogant and hypocritical liberal elitists.

      The only people who came out ahead were Democrat consulting firms and advertising agencies. Democratic candidates certainly didn’t, with the notable exceptions of people like Maxmin(maximum-minimum, what kind of name is that, anyway?) and progressive incumbents who won everywhere. The Democratic Party has become primarily a machine that extracts money from its supporters and spreads it around to a very few well-connected people and firms. @djean111

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