I need to improve myself.

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      David the Gnome
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      Coming to that realization is hard.  It is a hard thing to admit and truly face, because now I need to do something about it.  I have let my pain, my psychological issues, be my excuse for avoiding the world and the people in it.  For giving up on myself…

      So, for the ten thousandth time or so, I’m going to try.  I need to exercise, get out of the house, eat better and do some productive things.  I’ve gained fifty pounds in three years.

      I am lazy – I read and watch way too much Netflix and such.  Somehow I’ve got to find the will power to get back into living life, into action.  Posting here because I am hoping there are some friends here who will hold me accountable.  I know I cant do this alone.

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      Get to the forest and walk when you can. And set a schedule for getting out of the house, and try to keep to it, no matter how you are feeling at the moment….You will feel better.



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      Hi david,

      Have sent you a few suggestions.  Hopefully you have considered them.  If there are questions, let me know.


      PS – I lost 50lbs in the last three years.  The turnaround was a pressure cooker and raw foods: vegetables, rice, beans, etc.  By eliminating almost all processed foods and relying on the pressure cooker to prepare the raw foods, many many unhealthy foods were eliminated.  The result has been a steady reduction in weight without exercising.

      PPS – I found self-education a great way to explore the world without sitting in from of a TV.  There are literally thousands of books to be read at this website: https://b-ok.cc/.  Additionally, I have used the last three years to learn programming: C, Python, BASH, etc.  Excellent tutorials abound on the web.  For example, https://www.tutorialspoint.com/tutorialslibrary.htm .

      PPPS – Probably the best advice for eliminating time wasters is ditching the TV.  I have been TV free since 2000 and never regretted it.

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      David the Gnome
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      It’s a bitch to do in the snow brother, but I’ll give it a shot.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      My stepdaughter bought a treadmill which sits in the sun room for all of us to use. I’ve used it once in three months. I don’t even have the excuse of not wanting to walk in the snow!

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      Not my words, Thom Hartmann’s. But true, true, true.

      It’s harder to get going when you’re depressed. Know what I tell myself? “Sure it’s hard. You’ve got every excuse in the world to fail. Really good excuses. Now put on your walking clothes and get your lazy ass moving.”

      The hardest part is just to start. It gets so much as easier after that. Walk at least a half hour. 40 minutes is better. That gets you warmed up, blood flowing. Do some light chores before you get cleaned up.

      You can fucking do this brother LET’S GO!

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      I love my way of working. I have a worksheet on which I put my goals for the day. I also have a timer. The objective is to “apply time” to the goals.

      I set the timer for 20″ and work on any one of my goals. Once I’m done (20″ up), I move on to the next goal or get up and move around for at least 5″ and then do another 20″ on the goal.  The idea is to get 20″ of focused time on each goal in the amount of 8 hours per day.

      I thought of you the other day when I was in my car listening to an audiobook.  The name of the book is “Focus.”  The writer said that the problem of anxiety is mitigated with focus. If you are focused on a task, there is no time for anxiety producing thoughts to flit in and out of your mind.

      After years of doing this, I can really focus.

      I also love it that I have a record of what I’ve accomplished each day.  Makes me feel good.



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      I lost my 13 year old buddy back in July. I kind of gave up on things for a while. My sons decided to get me a new Lab pup. I now go for 2, sometimes 3, 45 minute walks a day. For me having something that totally depends on me for it’s care prompts me to take better care of myself. Though I’m a major animal lover.

      He can make me smile when nothing else can.

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