I now think impreachment is becoming a certainty now

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      And I think the wall shutdown will be the last straw that force enough repugs joining dems to bring it about.  In fact the link to this Truth Dig Robert Reich article nearly mirrors how I would see it going down.


      Unfortunately it means get ready for two years of Pence.

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      kind of like the past 2 years.

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        Trump did not hurt the Republicans too badly in the recent elections. As an opposition party, the Democrats are not very effective, so the Republicans figure they can ride it out. The government shutdown is no big deal because Republicans believe only Democratic voters need government services. As long as Republicans don’t panic, Trump is safe. He is a bull in the china shop, but it’s unlikely he will do anything to cause a Republican stampede for impeachment.

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        The House impeachment proceedings and the drama of a trial in the Senate would take at least, what?, six months, maybe longer. Legislation would mostly grind to a halt. Foreign adversaries of the American Empire would be at least somewhat emboldened.

        What’s interesting to me is how fast the Trump Administration is unraveling. Just in the last couple of weeks, two cabinet members and the chief of staff gone. It does really look like rats abandoning a sinking ship.

        But I don’t know. The devil is in the details of Mueller’s findings, and we don’t know what those will be yet. The Republican may be right in saying if the economy tanks, then enough Republicans may turn on Trump at the behest of their oligarchical donors. If that does happen, then I hope the Republican is right in saying Pence would pardon Trump.

        That would seal Pence’s doom in 2020 if he gets the Republican nomination, just like it did Jerry Ford in 1976.

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          Land of Enchantment
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          Mueller, the Southern Ditrict of NY (Cohen etal) and the third is a secret (perhaps another in SDNY). And–we know the following are being investigated: Trump Transition Team (money), the Inaugural Team (money, again), the Trump Foundation (now out of business-money, again), and dog knows what has turned up from the interviews with the publisher of the National Enquirer and Cohen’s secret recordings of Trump.

          It’s too bad Mario Puzo has passed away because he could have written volumes on the Trump Family. 

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        Woman Hear Me Roar!!
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        I don’t think Trump is going anywhere.  The elections will start up and the Dems are afraid of impeaching cause it opens the door for impeachment talk when they get the office.

        Plus I don’t think the Democrats actually dislike what Trump is doing with taxes = the ruling clas are mostly wealthy.

        He might resign….

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        even though I have no doubt the turd has committed impeachment-worthy offenses.

        For one thing, I don’t want to watch partisan back-and-forth point-scoring for months on end.

        For another, I kinda like watching red-faced Trump stomp his feet and shake his fist while standing alone in a cesspool of his own making.  Plenty of Repubs consider Trump a moron and the chief underminer of their party.  With impeachment, they’ll shift to loyalty-oath mode and start backing Trump to the hilt against the Dem threat

        I wish the Dems could strike a deal with Trump to substitute something quicker and more fun in place of a drawn-out impeachment. Something like, Dems agree not to impeach in return for Trump wearing donkey ears and a red rubber nose for the rest of his term.

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      Pence probably won’t get to rule the roost for 2 years as impeachment probably won’t happen for quite a while still. Any amount of time that Pence has is too much but hopefully it is very limited.

      That is IF Trump does get impeached. It’s not a given yet though it certainly doesn’t look good for him…

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      The wall is his signature campaign promise. And it’s what his base wants him to fight for. We are also way too partisan and divided to support removing even an awful president.

      Look in other countries like France for example. Macron has a approval rating around 20%. Even his own supporters are willing to say he’s garbage. You’ll never see this in America. Even if we have an absolutely terrible president, he will never get below 40% approval. Because that is our partisan threshold. We all hate our opposition so much we would accept a terrible and corrupt leader in order to keep the other side away from power. And that is very, very dangerous for a democracy to be in that situation.

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        terrible choices all around.  Anyway, the DNC is pretty much IN power, in a way – it collects big money from corporate sources, and strangles progressive legislation as a goal, and its last standard bearer, Hillary (remember, she still owns the DNC) is quite fond of war and killing.    I am not going to vote for someone running as a Democrat (Democrat is pretty much just a logo now) just to keep another party out of power, if that candidate is a neocon neoliberal Third Way New Democrat Coalition member.  Just not going to do that.

        THAT would be voting for someone just to keep the other side away from power, and would not make life for the non-.1% one whit better.  Looking at the folks being pimped so far – just smoother and oilier than Trump, not safer.

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      Average Gazoo
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      I think it is unlikely but if they do impeach him it will be over Syria regardless of the reason given.

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      Electrolyte Orchestra
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      but the Syria pullout is the reason. The reaction to his announcement includes a broad group replete with resignations and condemnations in unusually stark terms .

      They don’t trust Trump to not initiate other troop removals. It’s Domino Theory  all over again. The slightest retreat from global military hegemony is akin to surrender. Regardless of the rhetoric otherwise, they are devoted to nation building and being policeman to the world. No cost is too great.

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      the evidence to back it up? Seems likely given all the guilty pleas and cooperation agreements. But who knows what evidence of corruption and obstruction of justice will emerge

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      Playing it ‘safe’ as usual.

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      Betty Karlson
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      He says: 47 Democrats and 19 Republicans.


      It should be noted that 47 Democrats might prefer Trump on the ticket in 2020, and might prefer Pence out of the West Wing in 2019.

      It should furthermore be noted that Manchin may not want to risk alienating his GOP-light base.

      And it says in the article that Reich’s GOP friend could name almost 19 senators ready to pull the trigger. Almost 19 is not enough for impeachment.

      And last time impeachment was on the table, it was traded away for policy (NAFTA).

      So I don’t see any certainty. I see a whole lot of almost, but not quite.


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