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  • Omaha Steve (1243 posts)
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    I remember frantically calling to say my SIL was not a victim of mass shooting

    Our SIL worked 1/4 mile away. But the business name was the same as the mall. I knew when relatives would hear on the news mass shooting at Westroads Mall, our friends and relatives would be wondering if he was hurt or worse. Family communication in 2007 was nothing like today.

    The victim in this attached article (1/2 way down) Beverly Flynn was the sister to a friend of Marta and I in school. Her father was killed and mother injured in a home invasion.


    Through it all, the queen bee of gift wrappers has kept coming back to Von Maur at Westroads Mall

    By Matthew Hansen Updated 17 hrs ago

    I hand Olympia the package and she measures it with her eyes, studying it intently, like an insurance adjuster sizes up a smashed-up car or an artist stares at her sculpture.
    Olympia does not ask what’s inside, because she does not care. She asks a more important question, in her thick Greek accent that has stuck around through six decades in Omaha.
    “What kind of wrapping paper you want?”

    It is nearing 2 p.m. on another Christmas week workday inside Von Maur’s gift-wrapping department at Westroads Mall. Olympia Axiotes, who is 83 years old, has been here for five hours already. She has not yet sat down.

    FULL story: http://www.omaha.com/columnists/hansen/hansen-through-it-all-the-queen-bee-of-gift-wrappers/article_2a0dc6b3-26e4-5fa8-a824-13cdc23560cd.html


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  • malokvale77 (973 posts)
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    1. Salt of the earth. nt

  • Marym625 (28366 posts)
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    2. What a bittersweet story

    What a wonderful woman. How terrible to feel guilt at something she could not possibly control.

    I’m glad you found out quickly about your SIL that day

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