i son't expect mych to come of impeachment

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      the dems seem incapable of articulating trump’s gross misconduct into high crimes or misdemeanors. perhaps the hearings will coalesce into impeachable offenses. I hope they will.

      one certain casualty of the whistleblower fiasco is biden. the scandal makes no sense without biden’s underlying corruption. i’m ok with that.

      what I will be looking for in the hearings is the level of  cooperation between the parties. I consider the ‘rasslin’ match inside the beltway as a scripted pro tag team main event. will impeachment prove i’m wrong?

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      I just checked the odds on two betting websites.

      One website just spiked from 20% to 42%. That means they’re giving Trump a 42% chance of being impeached. I think it was by the end of the year.

      On another site the odds were 62% to be impeached by the end of his term.

      I’m guessing there must be a lot of Democrats betting.

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      Too close to 2020 for impeachent.  However, an impeachment inquiry should publicize a lot of dirt on the orange dumpster fire.

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      I can picture the posts on SV when Trump comes out of this smelling like a rose and Biden comes out smelling like the Rose’s fertilizer.

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