I study UFOs – and I don’t believe the alien hype. Here’s why

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      Something similar seems to be playing out with the current situation with the US navy. UFO enthusiasts claim that there’s amazing evidence of UAPs, representing something incredible, and that a special group has been investigating this for years. As with the Chilean case, we are shown blurry video from military-grade infrared cameras as highly compelling evidence that has, apparently, resisted analysis.

      But again, when the supposed evidence is subject to public scrutiny, the claims made about it fall away. I, along with many others, have performed deep analysis on the black-and-white videos that have served as backdrops to hundreds of media stories on UFOs. One video, codenamed “Gimbal”, seems particularly impressive: it shows what looks like an actual flying saucer skimming over the clouds.

      But my experience with the Chilean UFO immediately suggested a more mundane explanation: the infrared glare from the engines of a distant jet. Some investigation confirmed this was a very likely hypothesis. I looked up the camera’s patents; these revealed a de-rotation mechanism used to correct for “gimbal roll”, which would inevitably mean glares would rotate in the manner seen in the video. This is also probably why the navy gave it the code name “Gimbal”, rather than, say, “Flying Saucer”.

      Other, less impressive videos (which UFO buffs also describe as being remarkable) have quickly succumbed to analysis. “Go Fast” was not actually going fast, and was consistent with a balloon drifting in the wind. “Tic Tac” did not show a craft moving like a ping-pong ball, but instead looked more like a distant plane with the apparent movement caused by the camera switching modes and performing gimbal rolls. “Green Pyramid” looked like “the best UFO footage of all time” for two days, then I pointed out it looked exactly like an out-of-focus airliner shot in night vision with a triangular aperture.

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      When they have nothing else to scare the people into spending money on the military they drag out the UFO bull. And that is what I think is happening now. Shame on you Joe.


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      @jwirr makes a good point about the MIC. My problem is that the UFOs don’t DO anything except fly around. They don’t land in front of the Washington Monument, or anywhere else. They don’t drop into Safeway for a deli sandwich. They don’t use their incredible tech capabilities to stop Covid-19, or extinguish forest fires, or clean up the plastics in the ocean. They don’t play practical jokes, which I find highly suspicious. Can you imagine having the equivalent of a nuclear powered whoopee cushion and not using it? It’s a big bust.

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      I worked in the aviation business years ago with pilots and other aircrew who probably flew many millions of miles in the aggregate including in isolated and remote places around the world. Not one ever told me they had seen a UFO or even found any such reports credible. Most of these professionals were stem types as well as being aircrew.

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