I understand Trump's Xmas Blues because I had them.

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      When I was in the military, I had a boring job on a Navy ship, and I was often out at sea for the holidays. If I had Twitter, I would have tweeted the same kind of messages we’re getting from Trump. “I’m here alone. I’d rather be somewhere else, doing a different job. Nobody appreciates or understands me, my problems, or my true brilliance.” So cheer up, Mr. President. You won’t have this job forever. I put up with the military for six years, so you can tolerate the Democrats for four years.0

      By the way, Happy Christmas, or Winter Solstice, or Festivus, or whatever you celebrate. I hope you’re having a better holiday season than our prez.


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      Like you, I spent a holiday season or two either at sea or, one year, in Thailand where the local Buddhists put up Christmas lights in palm trees to please American sailors and European tourists, so I have far worse ones to remember than today’s could ever be, not that the Thai one was really bad at all. Unique, more like.

      Besides, we had a better breakfast than the Donald’s, I’m sure. Scotch eggs, Texas tamales, and danish casserole. Plus, we have an artificial tree that’s actually green instead of Melania’s horridly nouveau riche red.


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      A very sympathetic Mama-san poured them out for the GIs far from home.    Actually, I found Xmas in Japan far nicer than the ones at home.

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      The Christmas decorations were put up in mid to late December and stayed up until the monsoon winds took them down.

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