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  • arendt (1432 posts)
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    I was writing an alert, switched to another tab and back…

    and my unfinished alert had vanished. Did this twice in a row – because when you are writing an alert, you are not thinking hard that switching to another tab is going to screw you over.

    Is this something that only happens when writing an alert? Because I just tried switching tabs in this post, and the text was not lost.

    Is it a bug, or just some interface “gotcha” that I have to paste a sticky note on the screen about?

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  • Babel 17 (3800 posts)
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    1. I'm going to test this, apologies in advance if I mess up ….

    And a real alert is sent.

    Edit: Yup, same here.

  • Deadpool (12370 posts)
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    2. A good question for the experts…

    @matariki @mannygoldstein @hootinholler

    • HootinHoller (821 posts)
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      3. I'm not sure if it's a bug, feature or side effect

      I’ve had that happen not only with alerts, but with (I think) replies as well. I’m not sure exactly because I was busy and thought, that’s weird and moved on.

      From a tech standpoint, I think it has something to do with the AJAX interactions on the page. Replies and reports are a local form and I think the browser re-initializes by re-fetching them when tabs are switched.

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      • arendt (1432 posts)
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        4. Thanks for an idea of what might be going on

        I guess I will fall back to writing everything in a text editor and cutting/pasting it into the reply box. That is failsafe, but a pain because have to set links, BIU, indents, etc. after you copy in.

        Sounds pretty random, but that is my take on internet tools in general – a place where you spend more time trying to get trivial interface details correct than you spend actually thinking about what you are writing. :-)