I would vote for Liz Cheney.

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      If I lived in Wyoming, which I cannot imagine, I would vote for her over some wishy washy Democrat. Cheney is jumping all over the MAGA crowd in a state where they are very important. She is doing something like Bernie Sanders does for the Democrats.

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      When your posts are serious or sarcasm.

      She is not even a moderate. She is very conservative and she is just trying to give neocons control back to their party.

      I also can’t forgive her for her attacks on Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

      Let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair - Mariame Kaba

      Like many public systems, GOP want to rip the battery out + say the whole car doesn’t work, so they can sell it for parts - AOC

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      She wouldn’t get my vote.

      If it was up to Liz Cheney we’d still be in Afghanistan.

      Liz Cheney: “Our mission in Afghanistan was to deny terrorists a sanctuary, and the Biden decision now to completely withdraw has handed them an entire country, has in fact ensured, not just the Taliban, but ​al​ Qaeda, ISIS, the Haqqani Network, terrorist organizations that want to attack the United States now have an entire country as a sanctuary from which to do so​.”


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      I might well vote for Cheney. Fortunately I dont have to make that choice. 😁

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