I'd Like To Know What Bernie's Ratings Were For His Town Hall.

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    Snort McDork
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    Just wondering.

    I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

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    Land of Enchantment
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    I have no doubt they will ever let us know- although several times he made strong points to defend the press from being enemies of the state, fake news, etc) and engaged Wolfie along that line. It was almost subliminal–as in –No, you are not fake news but C’MON, stop with the negative coverage…

    Pure Bernie! His natural ability to cut through the bs and address the issues was spot on. gawd, it was rejuvenating.

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    Sorry to say, by now Bernie has become the total

    politician and thereby lost his authenticity, which

    endeared him to many voters. Comparing Venezuela

    to the Saudis was totally out of place. Never even trying

    to attack the budget of the Pentagon as an abuse of

    power was a mistake, since most of his Dem opponents

    gave them more than even the Repugs asked for.

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    @sadoldgirl, I’m not sure Bernie compared Venezuela to the Saudis. What I think he did was to deftly change the subject to the Saudis.

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      Babel 17
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      Yeah, and he mentioned Saudi Arabia by way of talking about the oddity of Trump being very concerned about Venezuela, but seemingly unconcerned about democracy and human rights in Saudi Arabia.

      He was making conversation, so I guess we don’t treat that like it was a policy paper.


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