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    “I’d like to vote Green, but we have to vote for the lesser evil . . .

    “I’d like to vote Green, but we have to vote for the lesser evil—that’s just how it is.”

    Dear Friend,

    You’ve probably heard that line before. If you’ve been active in politics, you’ve probably heard it a lot.

    The two-party system has a tight grip on U.S. politics, and it’s frustrating. In fact, voters across America are frustrated by our broken voting system: 57% say Democrats and Republicans do such a poor job representing us that a new major party is needed.

    So why don’t people vote for what they want, even when the establishment parties have nominated the most unpopular candidates in history?

    The answer: fear. Fear that if they don’t vote for the “lesser evil,” they’ll get something even worse.

    Thankfully, there’s a solution that can break the two-party trap: It’s called Ranked Choice Voting.

    Ranked Choice Voting allows you to rank candidates in the order you prefer. It’s not complicated—in fact, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

    Counting the votes is equally easy. If any candidate receives a majority of the votes, they win. Majority rule. But if there is no majority winner, the candidate with the least number of first preference votes is eliminated, and their votes are reallocated to the second choice on voters’ ballots. This continues until one candidate has a majority of votes.

    Even if their first choice doesn’t win, voters do not “waste” their votes, because they can indicate their backup choices.

    Ranked Choice Voting is an easy solution to the alleged “spoiler” effect that independent candidates are routinely blamed for.

    It empowers you with the freedom to vote for the candidate you like best without worrying that it could help the candidate you like least win the election. Ranked Choice Voting takes the fear out of voting.

    It also makes politics more civil and positive, because candidates and their supporters try to find common ground to win second-choice votes from rivals, instead of fighting tooth and nail for every single vote.

    Ranked Choice Voting itself has built strong support across party lines, with supporters including Republicans and Democrats like John McCain, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders as well as many Greens, Libertarians, independents and others.

    It’s time to implement this new and improved system to encourage more participation, more voices and more choices.

    Check out Jill Stein’s recent op-ed in the Chicago Tribune about the huge barriers to political competition in America. She highlights Ranked Choice Voting as a promising solution.

    We hope to see Ranked Choice Voting prevail in a statewide ballot initiative in Maine, as well as a local referendum in Benton County, Oregon.

    Whatever happens on Election Day, we need to be ready on November 9 to build a strong national movement for Ranked Choice Voting and other reforms to move beyond the two-party system to real democracy.

    Help us spread the word by sharing Jill Stein’s posts about Ranked Choice Voting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    It’s in our hands!

    The Stein/Baraka Campaign Team

    P.S. Find out how Ranked Choice Voting works!

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    1. Now that we know that the winner is chosen ahead of time, it is

    easy to vote Green (or Socialist in Arkansas) and start screwing with their minds.

    I have heard some of the Trump people win not be voting for any of the national candidates but voting for  the down stream candidates.

    It would be interesting to see an election with 1/2 of the people voting for state candidates not casting a ballot for presidential.

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      3. Clinton 21.1% Trump 28.1% Johnson 7.0% Stein 43.9% in Palm Beach, Florida

      Here’s some good news. Poll is from how many people have downloaded an app. as opposed to calling selected people.

      Palm Beach Is Jill Stein Country, Polling App Suggests
      Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 8:41 a.m

      Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presidential nominee, may poll only 2.5 percent nationally, but locally she has become increasingly appealing for many voters frustrated by their options of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

      Clinton 21.1%
      Trump 28.1%
      Johnson 7.0%
      Stein 43.9%


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    2. Voted Green this morning. Tired of voting for evil.

    You vote for evil, you get it.

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    4. I'm not convinced ranked choice voting is the answer.

    we certainly need a different and better system, but I think ranked choice is too complicated.

    Resist-sm_zpswfchkz8t “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee  
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    5. I don't want my grandchildren to think I voted for either

    Trump or Clinton.  I want them to know I stood up for what is right and voted Green for their  future.