Idiots on Scooters

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      The one difference between Mopeds and Scooters, is the Scooters are parked on public streets with a rent-me sign on the handle bars.

      Want to solve 80% of the Scooter problem, make a law that the scooters need to be rented by a human attendant instead of the automated process now used. Want to really solve the Scooter problem, require the rider to obtain a special license from the DMV. That is what happened to the Moped industry.

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      when they are done, often just left blocking sidewalks and more.

      I’ve seen it in Portland, and I saw it in Odessa, Ukraine this month as well – there are people are a$$holes everywhere.

      As a result, the scooters themselves are getting trashed – like getting tossed into rivers. See from a couple of years ago when they were being introduced.

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      Mopeds were popular in the 1970s when people bought them due to the gasoline shortages. Most states had limits on the speed, usually 21 mph, and tried to keep them off the sidewalks. But they often wandered back and forth between the streets and sidewalks, causing havoc. The new electric scooters are often seen ripping along at 20 mph on the sidewalks. Then there are the overpowered e-bikes. Some of them can really zip. I generally travel about 15 mph on my bicycle on level ground, and some of the e-bikes fly past me like I’m standing still. Too fast! I often get peeved at my fellow cyclists when they brush past pedestrians, and now we’re adding elecric assist to the danger potential.

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      Just walk faster. It’s healthier, you will still get there in time, and save money to boot!


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