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  • Cassiopeia (2819 posts)
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    If I could have one wish (edited)

    It would be removing the link to the profile of members on the forum pages.  I would not remove the names, just make the names text rather than an active link to their profile.  Within the body of the post I would leave the poster names an active link to their profile etc.

    It drives me nutty to be scrolling through a forum and hitting someone’s name and having it load their profile.  This is especially true when surfing JPR on my phone.

    Maybe I’m dense etc, but I bet JPR goes through 10 to 15 page loads per day from me alone and just from these inadvertent clicks.

    It’s minor and nothing more than an inconvenience in the end, but it would make my time here more enjoyable.

    Thanks for all the hard work done here, by the people running the site and the posters contributing.  Keep it up :)

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