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    If today's testimony turns out to be a Nothingburger

    Hint – it will.

    Regardless of what details may be provided, the ground has already been laid for a “nothing to see here, move on” moment.

    –House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes: “no evidence of collusion” between Trump’s team and Moscow”.

    I honestly doubt that the head of the Committee would be so outspoken ahead of hearing from Comey unless the meeting turns out to be a total sham; full of admiration for the intelligence community and softball questions with no follow-ups.

    So my question is: what in the world made Feinstein and Schumer look as if they had just heard their family had been killed in a car wreck? My guess is there is something at hand unrelated to either issue on the table today but of much greater impact. And we may well have to wait for an investigation to complete before hearing the gory details.


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  • Peacebird (840 posts)
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    1. I wonder if fingerprints from the Dms actually surveilling Trump have been found

    • AlreadyInUse (1587 posts)
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      2. I'm doubtful on that as well

      And ‘the Dems’ could mean who? Debbie and the DNC, or something under the table directed by Obama? I guess we’ll have to see, but I don’t find it to be very likely.

  • JoeFin (587 posts)
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    3. Agreed a big fat Nothing Burger

  • LiberalArkie (4099 posts)
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    4. They probably showed Feinstein and Schumer what intel they had on

    them. That seems to be the way the game is played up there.

    • AlreadyInUse (1587 posts)
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      5. Definite possibility there as well n/t

  • Punxsutawney (1747 posts)
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    6. Maybe Feinstein and Schumer

    Looked so glum because they know that the Dems’ “Russia” strategy is about to fall apart? And they’ve got nothing….?


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    • AlreadyInUse (1587 posts)
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      7. That could well be

      Maybe they heard the news that the Toddler in Chief was likely going to remain in office for the full term and they had visions of fracking rigs next to Old Faithful.