If you think you’re sure the GOP has never hacked an election, then you don’t know the saga of Don Siegelman, Alabama’s last Democratic governor

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      Siegelman rushed to his office where he was informed that the Baldwin County probate court had quietly posted a different set of returns to its website after telling the media and party observers to go home. According to the time stamp, it was posted at 11:06 p.m.

      The new results had deleted about 6,000 votes from Siegelman’s total, throwing the election to Riley.

      Baldwin county claimed that Siegelman’s earlier results had been inflated due to a computer “glitch” that had supposedly affected only his race and only his total in only one precinct.

      Siegelman was concerned. The closest friend of a racist probate judge in a rural county had once told him that they sometimes held back a precinct until the end of the night so that they knew how many votes they would need to fix the result. (Cohn interview of Siegelman)

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      With all the daily outrages you lose some items down the memory hole. Yes, I remember about Gov. Seigelman. Thom Hartmann talked about him a lot back when I was a regular listener. It’s he still in jail?? I’ll have to read up. Thanks for this.

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        He definitely fell out of the news cycle for a time. But what I’ll never forget is that Obama denied his request for a pardon. Same as I’ll never forget Clinton’s refusal to commute the death sentence of  Ricky Ray Rector. Moral cowards, both of them, which makes them such perfect avatars for the democratic party.

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      I also think anyone who thinks hacking and cheating and rigging elections is done by only the GOP or only the Democrats is a partisan dumb-ass.  My take-away on this is that both parties see hacking and cheating as an end justifies the means thing.  Like the Dems not even bothering to pretend, any more, that their primaries are not fixed and rigged – is their right to do so .  Like so many things, hacking and cheating and rigging accusations are merely campaign tools now.

      Siegelman was convicted for corruption and bribery – for doing something that is routine in today’s politics.  Rewarding a big contributor with a job.


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      He had been assured that the fix was in for brand R, only to find that he had been “past posted” like in “The Sting” by brand D.

      I don’t believe the national vote totals for Biden or Trump. It is mind-boggling to me that we have nothing resembling verified voting, but near bulletproof two-factor authentication for our pharmacy apps. It’s almost like those ~155 million people who supposedly voted for president don’t really give a shit! ;^)

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      Karl Rove, the same person who had a meltdown on Fox News in 2012 Presidential Election.

      There is not enough money in the world Rove could pay Obama for keeping him out of jail

      The article mentioned that it may have been a mistake that Obama’s Administration did not prosecute Rove

      No, the lack of prosecution by Obama was not a mistake, it was Obama’s way of keeping this country heading rightward

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      to question any voting result!

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