I’m a Socialist, and I Just Beat the Labour Party in London’s Poorest Borough

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      Last week I was elected as mayor of Tower Hamlets, London’s poorest borough. Our victory was a grassroots-led upset of the big Westminster parties, including the Labour Party which has attempted for years to stop me from running under trumped up corruption allegations. After electing twenty-four councilors at the most recent election, Aspire, our left-wing independent party, is now the largest political force in Tower Hamlets. Labour, in contrast, gained only twenty-two councilors across the whole of England.

      This is the first time that a council has been taken over by a party that isn’t named Labour, Conservative, or Liberal Democrat in nearly sixty years. In every conceivable sense, ours is a historic victory to which the whole world should pay attention.

      Building on Radical Traditions

      A short walk from where I live, the Commercial Road branches out of Aldgate and heads for the Docklands. It connects London’s two great financial districts, running through wards where half of children grow up in poverty. It was built as a private toll road, inaccessible to locals, to rush the ill-gotten gains of empire into wealthier districts.

      Within walking distance, radicals two centuries ago plotted the downfall of the slave trade in nearby cafes. Forty-four years ago in Brick Lane, the western end of Tower Hamlets, a young man named Altab Ali was murdered by racist thugs in an incident that shaped my adolescence and the adolescence of everyone I grew up with. And the area also has seen the far right driven out by massive, multiracial mobilization — from the antisemitic British Brothers’ League, to Mosley’s fascists and the English Defence League (EDL).


      Let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair - Mariame Kaba

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      Great article. Thank you.

      "The United States is also a one-party state but, with typical American extravagance, they have two of them." -Julius Nyerere, First President of Tanzania

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