I’m An ICU Doctor And I Cannot Believe The Things Unvaccinated Patients Are Telling Me

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      I am angry that the tragic scenes of prior surges are being played out yet again, but now with ICUs primarily filled with patients who have chosen not to be vaccinated. I am angry that it takes me over an hour to explain to an anti-vaxxer full of misinformation that intubation isn’t what “kills patients” and that their wish for chest compressions without intubation in the event of a respiratory arrest makes no sense. I am angry at those who refuse to wear “muzzles” when grocery shopping for half an hour a week, as I have been so-called “muzzled” for much of the past 18 months.

      I cannot understand the simultaneous decision to not get vaccinated and the demand to end the restrictions imposed by a pandemic. I cannot help but recoil as if I’ve been slapped in the face when my ICU patient tells me they didn’t get vaccinated because they “just didn’t get around to it.” Although such individuals do not consider themselves anti-vaxxers, their inaction itself is a decision — a decision to not protect themselves or their families, to fill a precious ICU bed, to let new variants flourish, and to endanger the health care workers and immunosuppressed people around them. Their inaction is a decision to let this pandemic continue to rage.

      And meanwhile, immunocompromised people, for whom vaccines don’t generate much immunity, are desperately waiting for herd immunity. I have no way to comfort my rightfully outraged transplant patients who contracted COVID-19 after isolating for over a year and getting fully vaccinated as soon as they could. With angry tears, these patients tell me it’s not fair that there are people who are choosing to endanger both themselves and the vulnerable people around them. They feel betrayed by their fellow citizens and they are bitter and angry. I cannot blame them.

      I am at a loss to understand how anyone can look at these past months of the pandemic — more than 600,000 lives lost in the U.S. and more than 4 million worldwide — and not believe it’s real or take it seriously. But the unhappy truth is that there are people who do not. They did not in the beginning and many are doubling down now. thought when this pandemic began that we were all in this fight together, engaged in a war against a common enemy. Now, I painfully realize: Perhaps we were never on the same side and we never had a common enemy. Perhaps the war has been among ourselves all along. We have won many battles but unvaccinated America is choosing to let COVID win the war.

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      Life is lop-sided —  90% of people are stupid, and it’s up to the 10% that aren’t to help them along.  But we can’t when we make leaders out of the stupid, or when we put things (profits) ahead of people.   When you combine the two, when you make it profitable to take advantage of the stupid, you’ve guaranteed a bad outcome.

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      Except to make fashionable liberals who just love taking selfies of themselves in their designer masks feel morally superior. This doctor can’t see beyond his own little bubble, something typical of doctors.

      Polls show that there are two main groups of unvaccinated people–white Trumpers who believe a lot of tripe and poor Americans of every description who either don’t believe the vaccine is really free(because of their lifelong experience with the for-profit medical system) or are afraid if they have to take a day off because the vaccine makes them a little sick that they will lose their jobs. Vaccinations are not accessible to everyone, no matter what the media says. There are others who fit neither description, of course, but those are the two major groups.

      Mobile vaccine distribution efforts and mandatory paid sick leave would get a lot more people vaccinated. The rest? Well, that really is on them.

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