Impeachment: What Lies Beneath?

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    The Raw

    The Democrats have now revealed the hand they’re going to play for impeachment.  I have been vehemently arguing against playing this game and pointing out how futile it is, but, seeing the two cards actually laid out on the table, even I am gobsmacked at what a loser of a hand they’ve got.

    Of course, we have to recognize Gerald Ford’s correct point that “An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history,” and accept that the Democratic majority in the House at the present moment will determine that their two charges against Trump are impeachable offenses.

    But it’s equally true that an acquitable charge is whatever more than a third of the Senate considers it to be, and the issue will finally be decided by the political support the charges can muster from Republican senators and their constituents.

    Given the ideological disposition of those senators and constituents, as well as the widespread reluctance of Americans generally to impeach a president—an act that does annul an election—over any but the most serious offenses, it is hard to believe the Democrats think they will sway anybody with the thin gruel they are serving up.


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    Dumbest move ever.

    Especially knowing the Senate will never convict. It’s so fucking stupid. Trump’s going to remain in the WH. Not only that, he will now have campaign fodder.

    So stupid, it has to be to deliberately hurt Bernie.

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    Average Gazoo
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    Locally, we had a mini-protest (support) run by Indivisible, the Clinton group, blindly and rabidly supporting Impeachment last night.

    They are attacking Trump from the right with McCarthyite narratives and they are perfectly fine with making Mike Pence the President.

    After tonight vote in the House it will be up to 20 GOP Senators to keep the country from moving further to the right (!) and to defend the rights of LGBT people and religious freedom.  Hillary Clinton supported DOMA and was to the right of Trump on many issues, especially regime change and proxy wars so I am not sure how to gauge her supporters’ comfort with Pence. eg. Do they Pence as better than Trump? or are they just being led by their noses right off the cliff?

    Be the Change

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      They have no idea how dangerous Dominionist Pence is. They should look at Saudi Arabia, the Taliban and Iran’s  Khamenei if they want to know what Pence has in store for this country… A THEOCRACY.

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        The Red Menace
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        But he looks good in a suit.

        That is LITERALLY all that Democrats – politicians AND voters – give a fuck about.


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    David the Gnome
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    They always knew it was going to fail.  This isn’t about removing Trump, it is about trying to boost poll numbers for 2020.  I doubt even most democrats are cynical enough to go for it – especially after the Senate does its thing.

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    The mainstream is totally supporting this foolish quest.  Even their framing is so meant to sway weak-minded folks.  An example is “Trump lashes out at Nancy Pelosi”  This gives the impression that Trump’s well-reasoned letter was deranged and that Nancy’s crazy articles of impeachment are sane and responsible.  What a joke!  This collusion between the corrupt democrats and their sycophant journalists is what is driving more independent voters to switch to Trump.  Bad news for Bernie, and as several of you have pointed out, he could be the main target of this farce.

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    Perhaps Pelosi’s job was to hand the House back to the Republicans….again.

    Then the Dems in Congress can go back to telling their constituents: “Vote for us and when we are back in power we promise to get stuff done!”

    From their minority position they can then safely say that to their constituents while laughing all the way to the bank.

    Just a thought.

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    Brilliant article

    best one yet on impeachment

    cannot rec this enough

    I think the Dummicrats might lose the House

    and Trump, as long as the economy (fake as it is) holds or even improves,

    has atm at least a 55% chance of winning reelection

    Biden is going to be PUMMELLED over Burisma

    the Old Groper is weak and corrupt

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    Lousy political theater.Phony as a three dollar bill to boot.

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    Politics is all about showbiz and advertising.

    Whatever the politicians think they can sell the voters will be tried.

    In this case, I hope they are very successful.

    Tell me, great captain, how do the angels sleep when the devil leaves his porch light on? Tom Waites

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    Babel 17
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    The more it looks like Bernie will be the nominee, the more this impeachment effort makes sense. Trump has been rising in the polls because of the inept manner it’s been conducted, and then the issue of Russia! will be a joke given how establishment Democrats and the establishment media have smeared Sanders, Jill Stein, Tulsi Gabbard, and of course Trump with it.

    And as a bonus they’ve brought all the grifting by Democrats in Ukraine and Russia to the fore, and thanks to Biden, Clinton, and this joke of an impeachment, the swing voters won’t be seeing Trump as especially corrupt. What genius! :sarcasm: Arrogance and stupidity all in the same package, how efficient of them.


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