In 18 months, Republicans are very likely to control Congress. Being in denial makes it worse.

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      * “We’ve got to go big, and take it to another level,” first-term Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman said in an email to supporters this week. “We’ve got to deliver and get this done for our communities. So why on earth are we wasting time trying to compromise with Republicans?” Bowman added: “If we do not fight for our communities and put them in the center of the work we do — if we continue to prioritize the myth of ‘bipartisanship’ over the people we were elected to fight for and represent in Washington — we will lose elections. If we want to maintain control and the opportunity to do great work beyond 2022, Democrats need to deliver in this very moment.”

      * Nina Turner, who’s likely to become a member of Congress in November after a special election for a vacant seat in a northeast Ohio district, said recently: “When are we going to learn? Republicans plan for the long term. What can we do right now before the next election cycle and get it done and go big? Because power is fleeting. You’ve got to use it while you’ve got it.”

      * Days ago, in a Washington Post column, The Nation’s editorial director Katrina Vanden Heuvel posed “the critical question” as Congress reconvened after a holiday break: “Are Democrats ready to act?” She wrote: “While President Biden is selling the bipartisan infrastructure deal as a ‘generational investment,’ the real effort will come from using the budget reconciliation process to pass vitally needed public investments with Democratic votes only. For all the focus on Biden’s ability to work across the aisle, the true challenge is whether he and the congressional leadership can work with all Democrats. That test will do much to determine whether the party can retain or increase its majorities in the next election — and whether the country will begin to address the cascading crises that it faces.”

      What remains to be determined is whether such warnings will end up being the tragically prophetic voices of Cassandras — or clarion calls for action that are heeded in time to prevent an unhinged Republican Party from taking control of Congress when 2023 begins.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Democrats usually want to lose because their consultants, think tanks, and fundraising outfits like Act Blue make more money when they are out of power. I’m not sure whether that applies to their Republican counterparts or not, but the Republicans are only messaging about bullshit culture war issues(like the teaching of CRT in schools, unisex bathrooms, etc.) and all the sudden they’re worried about the deficit.

      But the Democrats are in power, they will do nothing to help working class people, and are therefore likely to lose at least the House in 2022.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

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      FFS, the Democratic Party does not stand for fucking anything, really, and some have said oh, Biden would be soooo progressive but Manchin, a Democrat, stops him.  Those people must have majored in blowing smoke up asses in college.  Or else they have so much smoke up their own asses that they emit little odoriferous puffs from their butts when they walk.  All theater.

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      Everything I post is just my opinion, and, honestly, I would love to be wrong.

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      Average Gazoo
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      about being left-wing.  Their respective lies help each other — the GOP screams about how “extreme left” the Dems allegedly are and the DNC now claims that the GOP is bastion of anti-government extremists. Such lies help keep lefties in the Dem party and anti-gov types in the GOP.

      The 2 parties used to promise good things — now they only claim to want to stop the other guys from doing bad things. And they poop on candidates who talk about doing good things as “promising unicorns” or ponies.

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      is exactly what the Democrats WANT to do.

      That way they don’t have to be accountable for anything.

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      My life doesn’t change significantly either way. And I’m no longer a Democrat, so why should I care.

      The opinions and personal views expressed herein are solely those of the author, and should never be taken seriously.

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      David the Gnome
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      Each new Democrat Congress or Presidential administration seems to set us up for a new republican one that is even worse, even worse than the corrupt dems and the corrupt Republicans that came before.  Nixon, Reagan, Bush senior and junior… And finally the chosen orange one.

      Meanwhile, the “other side” went from the likes of LBJ and Carter to Clinton and Obama – and somehow sunk even further with Biden.  He’s like a less charismatic, less articulate Reagan.

      So, given the new normal, I can’t help but wonder what the next Congress will look like.  Or what the next President will.  What do you think?  Psycho Greene lady for speaker of the House?  Senate Majority leader Rand Paul?  President Tom Cotton?

      Yeah, the dems will lose, but I think shit will keep going downhill no matter which party is “in charge”.  Heh.

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      …and ensure relection of Joe or Scamala in 2024. They even got a boost of the gate by actually doing something about the pandemic. No question that rolling out the vaccinations gave them some additional popularity.

      But then they squandered it all away. First by reducing the relief checks from $2000 to $1400 (and dragging their asses for weeks before sending them at all). Then by completely fumbling the ball on infrastructure, which is probably one of the few things you could get 85% of the mortals in this country to agree on, regardless of what political party they identify with.

      Instead, they let the dumbass from West Virginia & the delusional phony from Arizona hold the entire Senate hostage.

      There’s a reason the party of the incumbent President usually loses seats in the Congressional midterm elections. Because they fail to produce the results they promised. 2010 is a perfect example of this. Barry FAILED on health care. And that pack of useless Blue Dogs & Turd Wayers in Congress lost their seats – deservedly so – for helping that failure happen.

      And as much as the general public hates the Orange Imbecile and his party of treasonous insurrectionists for their fascist extremism & white supremacy (and getting half a million people killed in one year, for no good reason) they will not reward another failed “Democratic” congress for accomplishing absolutely NOTHING.

      Add to this the already built in disadvantage of a fucked up 2020 census & the puke inducing efforts of racists in many states to drastically reduce the voting population. So even millions who want to vote in the next election, probably won’t be able to.

      At least if the people had something to vote FOR, there might be enough turnout to override the fraud. But again…. this is going to take some results from the so-called “Democrats”.

      So Joe…. Scamala….Nancy…. Chucky?? What the fuck are you gonna do about that?

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      people in Phoenix and Atlanta start dropping dead from the heat and there are food riots and half the country is on fire. Deny this suckers!

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      That’s the typical cycle. If you just look at history alone, the Democrats are going to face a headwind next year. And so far, there is no reason to think the cycle will play out any different.

      The president’s party has lost seats in every mid-term election (except for two) going back to the 1940s.  And usually on average it’s around a 35-seat loss. The last two Democrat presidents (Clinton and Obama) lost 60+ in their first mid-term. The Democrats majority in the House is razor thin right now at only 5 seats. So this is why people say history is not on the Democrat’s side going into next year. And Biden and the current Congress are not doing anything to change the momentum.

      Democrats also don’t really seem to have any real agenda. Everything they do seems focused on Trump, even though he’s not even in office anymore. If their strategy for 2022 is simply “Remember how bad Trump was 2 years ago! Vote Dem no matter who!” then the Democrats are going to be blown out.

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      Babel 17
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      Then, in early 2023:

      “So close, we were so close. Can Barack and I count on you for a donation of $500 so that we can win back Congress in 2024, and retain the White House?”


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