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    In 2022, We Might Witness the Explosive End to a Stellar Death Spiral

    In five years, you could have a front row seat to an explosive event that occurred 1,700 years ago. And all you’ll have to do is look skyward.

    Larry Molnar, an astronomer at Michigan’s Calvin College has been studying the behavior of an odd object located in the Cygnus constellation, named KIC 9832227. Discovered a bit over a decade ago, it was recently shown to be a contact binary star — two stars orbiting each other so tightly that their atmospheres are conjoined in a stellar embrace. That discovery was made by Daniel Van Noord, Molnar’s research assistant, and since then, the two have been paying very close attention to the star.

    In a paper presented this week at the 229th American Astronomical Science meeting, Molnar shared his latest findings, along with a shocking revelation: the two stars are going to reach the explosive end of their death spiral within just a few years.


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    1. creation is so amazing

    galaxies, stars, constellations,  good grief I do not have enough language — all so amazing.  Huge, mysterious, spectacular, stunning.  Five years.  I will hope to be able to see!!

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