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    So Far From Heaven
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    So, I have been a bit down and out for the past couple or four months. But I haven’t been completely brain dead, so I been thinking. And everyone who knows me knows that that can be dangerous. That’s why I wanted this forum. So I could be thinking and placing it in the appropriate place for such thoughts.

    I have been thinking, self, what the hell is this stuff about Ukraine and Trump? If I have the right information, then the actions taken by Herr Orange Face may or may not be classified as the high crimes and misdemeanors mentioned in the Constitution. Probably does. But somehow I feel like the real crime hasn’t even been broached yet.


    He (Herr Shithead) himself brought up the notion of actions taken constituting treason in a twit or tweet or whatever:

    “I want to know who’s the person, who’s the person who gave the whistleblower the information? Because that’s close to a spy….

    You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart? Right? The spies and treason, we used to handle it a little differently than we do now.”

    This is some serious shit. I think spies can be traitorous though not necessarily. Think about Microsoft and all them silicon valley companies spying on each other like there is no tomorrow. That isn’t exactly traitorous.

    Unless you define traitor as someone that gives aid to another party separate from that one which he/she is supposed to belong to.

    Ooooops. So that means only spies that spy and tell others within the same company or society aren’t traitorous. I mean, you can’t be a traitor to the US if you spy on someone in the US and then report it to someone else in the US, right?

    That makes Trump’s stance on anyone involved in the reporting of his misconduct not traitors by definition. They didn’t go off and give the information to an outside country, like Russia, right? They didn’t ask Russia to come on in and give us a wallop politically, right?

    So that must be what it takes for someone to be a traitor. They have to do the foreign involvement thing, right? Either directly to a foreign government to aid that government in actions against the traitors government, or to aid that foreign government to overthrow the traitors government.

    Let me see if I have this straight. We have Orange Face calling someone a traitor when, by definition, they are neither traitors nor is their action traitorous. Because they spilled the beans of something they witnessed right back into the country where it originated. I suppose they could be a traitor to Butt Head, but not the government as a whole.

    Then we have what instigated the entire mess, which is what the whistle blower brought into the light. Someone asked a foreign government via its elected leader, to make public statements that could alter the election of the president of the United States. A foreign agent would then be affecting the outcome of an election at the request of a US citizen. Forget the coercion shit. That just adds to the traitorous act because he’s not only asking the foreign power to give the statement, he’s forcing them to do so.

    The President of the United States used coercion to have a foreign government make false statements to a United States citizen to alter the outcome of a US election. No kidding.

    Now that’s fucking traitorous.

    And nobody seems to understand that what our president did was inherently traitorous. He fucking asked for aid from a foreign government to discredit what may have been the candidate of choice of the American public in 2020 regardless if that candidate had done anything illegal or wrong, for his own benefit…..

    I don’t give a rats ass if Fuck Head In Chief paid millions for dredging shit up about Biden. That’s fair play. I assume the candidate of choice (insert Bernie) will expend a fortune for digging shit up on Trump. Man, this gets complicated real fast because the foreign part gets in the way.

    Wow. I would suppose they could even ask for dirt from anyone, and then throw it out there and see what sticks. That may not constitute treason. Because they use the info themselves. Here is the big difference. Butt Head was coercing the foreign government to announce the dirt against his opponent, not his own office. Big, big, big, mistake Over-Cooked-Face.

    It’s the fact that Fuck Head In Chief Trump asked for a foreign government to openly discredit another candidate even if there was no credible evidence to support the release of the incriminating statements. He was in the process of inducing a foreign power to cause the menace of throwing an election. Period.

    Maybe I’m just the Village Idiot after all.

    Not one single mainstream organization has seriously considered, at least as far as I know, that just because this mess originates from a request by the president to a foreign leader makes it treason.

    By definition.

    From the wiki:

    “Crimes Related to inducement of Foreign Aggression” is the crime of communicating with aliens secretly to cause foreign aggression or menace. Depending on a country, conspiracy is added to these.

    So, Mr Orange Face, who is the traitor, you or those opposed to what you did to become a traitor?

    On EDIT: still can’t spell worth a damn…

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    Flying Squirrel
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    Yes, he’s a traitor. No, the news outlets won’t use the word (except to repeat it when it comes out of his mouth about someone else.) While watching Yovanovitch testify I found the word “Traitor” escaping my lips almost on its own, in wonder.

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    Mr. Mickeys Mom
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    Now, you’re gonna make me go off the edge because I have to describe my definition of “traitor”. I can can provide examples, like George W. Bush’s administration, who was traitorous for lying us into a war of aggression and killing innocents in another country. Plus, Bush & Co were traitors to those recruited and lied into serving as American soldiers and future fodder.

    What did BushCo do? War. For what reason did they do this? Profits. Smedley Butler said it best and was Right On, as war is a racket.

    Traitors can also be corporations (since they are people, you know) when they use their high end technology to spy on the people who live in the same country. The very people who brought forth this information were mislabeled traitors (Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning). They are currently treated like they are they spies, being held without due process, but they have, in fact presented DEFINITIVE information about who spied and who was traitorous.

    Who spied? Google and Amazon and Facebook. The elements within the NSA and other clandestine intelligence agencies spied, too.(the same offshoot groups who are now in argument over Herr Orange Face being a traitor!)

    What did Orange Face Know? Gee… All about Biden.

    For what purpose did Orange Face know this? To influence the election.

    Let’s not forget a few years history by identifying other traitors who wouldn’t hand over to the FBI the DNC server when it was clear that the 2016 elections were being influenced. We can predict this because the DNC didn’t have to show what was on their server. But, they cheated during the 2016 primary. That much is true.

    What did the DNC know? They cheated to falsely push the super-delegate ultimately bad nominee… The big HeR C! 

    When was all of this traitorous activity planned? By WikiLeaks e-mails, before the 2016 election.

    Who funded the DNC and paid for the Steel Dossier? HeR “C”.

    Who funded the reserves of cash on behalf of the DNC? HeR “C”  

    You see why I am insane by this point of the thread? Where does it stop?


    Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      So Far From Heaven
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      That’s easy.

      It BEGINS to stop when we elect someone like Bernie.

      Or Tulsi.

      Leadership by example and clear and honest clarity.

      But it will take lots of time for this to ‘go away’ if ever. It may be checked and countered, though.

      Never forget the seven deadly sins. Greed is a very powerful aphrodisiac and has led us to war among other atrocities for as long as we’ve had brains large enough to get the emotion. Never give up the good fight.

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    The Red Menace
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    Donald Trump is a lot of things, but ‘traitor” isn’t one of them. At least, not in any legal sense of the ward.

    The reason is that the US does not have enemies that a person can adhere or provide aid and comfort to, unless we are in a state of war. At which point our only enemies are the government or entity war has been declared against, and their agents. And the United States has not declared a war since 1943, when we declared on Romania (a formal state of war that lasted until 1947, even though hostilities ceased in 1944). This is why, despite the US government’s obvious interest in hitting them with everything it could, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were never charged with treason – because it was impossible; the USSR was not our enemy – even in nineteen fifty, at the sharpest pinnacle of the red scare in the US.

    The US is not at war with Russia. We’re not at war with Ukraine. Thus even the shadiest dealings with those governments cannot be treason.

    Now, conspiracy, there’s a legal charge with some weight that totally applies. Again, that’s the charge that got the death penalty for the Rosenbergs.

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