In 'Terrifying' Indictment of For-Profit System, 12.7 Million Workers Estimated to Have Lost Insurance Due to Coronavirus

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      “Because the United States is unique among rich countries in tying health insurance benefits to employment, many of the newly unemployed will suddenly face prohibitively costly insurance options,” wrote Bivens and Zipperer. “A comprehensive policy solution would be to extend Medicare and Medicaid to all those suffering job losses during the pandemic period, with the federal government funding this expansion.”

      Bivens and Zipperer rejected a Democratic proposal, introduced earlier this month by Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.), to offer expanded COBRA subsidies to people. The COBRA program allows laid-off employees to pay out of pocket to stay on their former employers’ health plans.

      “While this policy proposal will help many workers continue coverage, in some states it will not help workers from small businesses with fewer than 20 employees, who are not eligible for COBRA,” the authors wrote.

      In an op-ed for Politico Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) expanded on how Democrats must propose far bolder action than offering COBRA subsidies to unemployed Americans.

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      Our system doesn’t work…an unemployed worker cannot afford to pay cobra payments AND see a doctor or get treatment for an illness. There isn’t enough money for that and they know it. Why do they continue to talk about it as if it were an answer?? We have to have Medicare for all, it’s the only answer. TPTB all know this and will do nothing to help the people of our country. They are going to let us die bankrupt whilst they steal everything possible.


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      For medical and dental for a family. That won’t go on long for most who are solidly middle class. And for the working poor, well need I say more.

      The system is nothing but cruel.

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