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    EDIT: @sonofspy777 has found the author’s website: !! It’s so much better than trying to read all of those tweets. Besides, as seen below, some people aren’t on twitter. Part 1 is up, the other 5 parts are still coming on his website. THANK YOU SONOFSPY777 !!!

    This is super long! It took me over an hour to read it. Apparently, this author is turning it into a multi-part piece on Epstein and his web of contacts and helpers. This writer has already done ALL the research (over 300 books and articles so far). Pretty clear from reading it that Epstein is most likely a CIA operative, possibly a double agent (Mossad). This is just the beginning (Part 1) covering Epstein’s early years. I look forward to reading more.

    This post will probably drop like a stone because of the length of the author’s post, so an occasional kick would be appreciated for wider exposure.


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    On a side note, apparently the pilots have been subpoenaed.  And, to answer my own question from last week (“allegations of sex trafficking in London, New York, New Mexico, the Carribean … and one person gets arrested…?”), other unnamed people continue to be investigated, so there you go.

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    Hi fourscore,

    Thanks for sharing.  Could you provide additional information about the researcher/author.  Some of us don’t do twitter.


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    NV Wino
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    The CIA/Mossad connection begins to make sense. The method—child sexual exploitation/human trafficking is reprehensible whoever is behind it. This needs to see the light of day. I hope all who approved, planned or participated in this scheme are exposed.

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    Why would the CIA allow him to be arrested?

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    Maybe I’ve read too many spy novels but I thought operatives were supposed to be low profile individuals so as to not draw attention to themselves. Certainly not this guy!

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    The CIA is so dirty… a perfect example of power corrupts those without scrutiny….

    Their MO “We’re doing it so it’s fine.”

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    i’m 1/2 way down the linked page. it is too much info to digest at once.

    I’m convinced that Epstein is some kind of spook, but i’m inclined not to care.

    1%ers do not pay huge tuition for their daughters to be taught by a drop out pedophile.

    who gets a plea deal that absolves all of his co conspirators of every crime? wouldn’t his cooperation in the prosecution of the co conspirators be the only conceivable reason to offer him a plea deal?


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    Update: that story was scrubbed. It’s gone now.

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      retired liberal
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      Did anyone download it before it was disappeared off the interwebs?

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    It isn’t scrubbed.  On the banner at the top of the home page, click on the three bars to the right.  From the drop down select Current News. Part 5 is a few stories back, preceded by parts 1-4.

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    Interesting, Thank You

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