Indiana Pepsi drivers’ strike as Kansas Frito-Lay workers continue walkout

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      (WSWS) More than 100 truck drivers, merchandisers and delivery personnel struck on Monday at a PepsiCo bottling facility in Munster, Indiana to oppose the demands of the company and fight for improved wages and against the corporation’s move to shift more healthcare costs onto workers. The metropolitan Chicago area drivers and delivery workers walked out as 600 workers at Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, continued their strike in Topeka, Kansas, which began on July 5.

      The strike of Pepsi drivers and Frito-Lay workers is part of growing wave of rebellions by the working class internationally against poverty wages, financial pressures from rising inflation and attacks on their living standards by multinational corporations, which have profited handsomely during the pandemic. In every case, workers find themselves in direct conflict with the unions, which are collaborating with the corporations to suppress the growing movement by workers for substantial improvements in wages, benefits and working conditions.

      Gary, Indiana Teamsters Local 142 has agreed to separate contracts between the striking drivers and delivery workers and the production workers at the bottling facility who are continuing to work. Harvey Jackson, vice president of Teamsters Local 142, told the Times of Northwest Indiana, “Where we’re going to be picketing, they probably won’t have to go through. Unfortunately, with Pepsi’s contracts, it’s in there that they’ve got to go to work. If one rejects, the other one still has to go to work.”

      Both bargaining units had workers vote on contract proposals Sunday. The Teamsters pushed through a contract on the production workers while drivers and delivery workers rejected the company’s final contract offer.

      Full story here


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      Might hafta eat healthy food for a while.

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      ..and drink comes out of the Pepsi Co brands. The only healthy item they produce that quickly comes to mind is plain Quaker Oats.

      That they treat their employees poorly is just insult to injury.

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