Inside Bernie-world's war on Beto O'Rourke. All about gossip by the main stream media.

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      It started with David Sirota, a liberal activist and journalist who worked for Sanders many years ago. In a long tweetstorm, Sirota noted that O’Rourke had received more donations from the oil and gas industry than any candidate in the 2018 cycle other than Cruz.



      But Nomiki Konst said it makes sense that progressives are vetting O’Rourke now that he is being mentioned as a possible presidential candidate. It’s important, she said, to make a distinction between the cool image he’s crafted with progressives, in part by giving them a window into his daily routine with frequent livestream episodes, and what really matters to them.


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      Compared to Cruz, almost anybody would be okay, so there was no real urgency to vett O’Rourke. If he wanted to say he was really progressive, fine. No reason to evaluate those statements too closely. But now they’re talking him up for president or veep. We would like to know more about him, particularly where he gets his money. If this is bashing, a hit job, etc. we still want to know.

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      Besides, I saw stuff here on JPR about Beto long before I saw any of Sirota’s criticisms.

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