Inside Bernie’s Strategy to Get Budget Bill Passed

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      Snort McDork
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      On a sticky late August afternoon, Senator Bernie Sanders takes the stage in the state that catapulted him from fringe presidential candidate to progressive hero five years ago.

      One need look no further than the masked audience members to see how much has changed since Sanders last campaigned in Iowa on his two presidential runs in 2016 and 2020. The event is outdoors, socially distanced and many in the crowd are wearing face coverings—a clear reminder of the coronavirus pandemic that ground the country to a halt a year and a half ago, killing more than 600,000 Americans and millions of jobs.

      For Sanders, political opportunity has come from tragedy. The pandemic pushed both the country and the Democratic Party to embrace the Vermont Senator’s career-long push for government aid programs. President Joe Biden came into the Oval Office determined to prove that, in the depths of the pandemic and after the chaotic Trump Administration, the government could be a force for good. And when Democrats narrowly reclaimed the Senate last January, Sanders took over the powerful Senate Budget Committee and became a crucial partner to passing Biden’s objectives.

      That’s what brought Sanders to Iowa this time around. He reached an agreement with Biden in July for a $3.5 trillion avalanche of federal spending over the next decade that would make childcare and community college more affordable, expand Medicare and authorize a federal paid family leave program—all largely paid for by taxing the wealthy and corporations. Now, he’s trying to sell the budget bill to the public. “We can not only address these awful problems,” he tells the crowd, “but we can move this country forward in a very different and positive direction.”

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      Over the next decade.  Ten years.  When trillions can be given to corporations and the MIC at what seems like a moment’s notice.  Also, how watered down will anything get, over the next decade.  We need health care NOW.  We need more affordable college NOW.   IMO our government has no intention of actually being a force for good.  Makes the idea that our government serves we the people, and not Wall Street and the MIC, a big fucking joke.  and we are supposed to incrementally work within that structure, hoping for slowly dribbled out crumbs, and be happy and supportive.  Nope.

      To those who whinge about attacking politicians like AOC – she talks a lot, but talking is not getting anything done, and the corporate behemoth that is the Democratic Party has no intention of getting anything progressive done; at most – sound bites and campaign blather.  May as well be watching a movie.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Everything else is just theater. He can prove me wrong by using his power as Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee to hold up legislation Biden wants that doesn’t have what Bernie says he wants in it. Until then, Bernie Sanders is just another lying Democrat.

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      As usual, where’s Biden?

      Or is Joe just as happy to let it fail? Or does he know it’s beyond his current capabilities?

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      Bernie could have been president in 2016 but he would have had to call out Hillary on her crimes and the Democrats would have joined forces with Mitch McConnell and hamstrung him. Instead he tried to acquire power inside the party so he could influence Biden. To misquote Mark Blyth, “Yeah right, good luck with that.”

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