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  • N2Doc (5300 posts)
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    Inside Monied Clintonworld, Grief Yields to Cashing In on Trump

    As Trump’s Inauguration beckons, stunned members of Clinton’s inner circle are, rather surprisingly, embracing the economic opportunities ahead.



    The bewildering interregnum between Donald Trump’s improbable electoral-college victory and his forthcoming “philosophical” inaugural address has prompted unprecedented soul searching within Hillary Clinton’s sprawling campaign and extended universe. Clinton has appeared to console herself with the occasional outing—a dinner at Rao’s, say, or taking in The Color Purple or catching up with Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen or hypothetically running for mayor of New York City—while her aggrieved supporters have fervently attempted to assuage their pain on social media. On Twitter, “The People’s Choice” remains a popular meme. (Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million ballots.) Chelsea Clinton, who is reportedly being groomed for the commencement of her own highfalutin political career, recently told Refinery 29 that she has not lost hope. “Everything we believed before the election, we still believe,” she said. Clinton continued: “Use those emotions to engage and organize and advocate to protect and advance what you think matters most.”


    But perhaps the most gobsmacked people within Clintonworld are the legions of insiders who devoted years of their life to her political career with the tacit expectation of some form of reciprocity once the former secretary of state entered the Oval Office. Axios co-founder Mike Allen recently surmised the Clinton Cabinet that would have been. It included campaign chairman John Podesta as possibly the next secretary of state; campaign director Robby Mook as a senior adviser; and surrogate daughter cum adviser Huma Abedin as deputy chief of staff. (As I recently reported, Abedin has become a recent object of much frustration within Clinton’s inner circle.) And as Trump’s inauguration beckons, emotions are reaching the level one might expect. “I think it’s very important to understand that, while we’re all guided by a respect to the office of the president, and we are,” said Robert Zimmerman, a longtime Clinton fund-raiser and member of the Democratic National Committee, “what is stunning is the lack of respect the president-elect has shown for his office. That’s what’s so concerning to me.”




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    "But nothing ever changes unless there's some pain" - Tears For Fears "Goodnight Song"

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6 replies
  • djean111 (5629 posts)
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    1. Oh, I seem to be completely out of fucks to give, concerning the denizens of

    Clintonworld.  And, yes, who would be surprised that their first, second, third, and fourth thoughts would be about cashing in?

    In addition – any group that throws in with David Brock, and KEEPS HIM AFTER THEY LOST – is not showing the office any respect.  They paid their money, and gave their time, dammit, the office should be theirs!  Like a fucking trophy.

    • *Obligatory disclaimer - when I say "Democratic Party" I mean the DNC - the Clintons and the un-elected people and the consultants and the lobbyists and the corporations who actually run things.  The people who work and vote and are registered as "D" are no more the actual party than Trekkies are Star Trek.   Extra credit - the Democratic Party gets to actually fuck up your life. When you vote for it.
    You think the only reason that people won't vote for a warmongering Third Way fracking-enabling cluster bomb throwing H-1B increasing lying pandering corporate and Wall Street shill who says she has no problem putting abortion rights on the table is because we are mad about Bernie?  Um, nope.
    • malokvale77 (973 posts)
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      2. No fucks here either.

      The Democratic Party left me without a fuck to my name.

      For that, I cannot forgive them.

  • Rozinante (3887 posts)
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    3. Of course they're going to cash in.

    Win or lose, they were going to cash in. Wall St pays them for keeping populism in check, not for beating Republicans.

    • Whisp (2047 posts)
      Profile photo of Whisp Banned

      5. they will find a way to take it with them on their deathbed, satanists they are.

      “Non-conformity is the only real passion worth being ruled by.” ― Julian Assange
  • The Crone (3157 posts)
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    4. Since the Clintons don't seem to get along with

    The Obama’s all that well, I keep wondering as to who will help the Obama’s figure out how to set up their charity foundation.


    "Let us not seek the Republican answer nor the Democratic answer but the right answer." John F. Kennedy   America is the only country that has real   lemons in its furniture polish, and artificial lemon flavoring  in its lemonade!
    • Whisp (2047 posts)
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      6. aren't they all full of charity after their stint in big gov.

      where they had a platform for real charity. Fuckers, all of them. Except for Habitat for Humanity, now that’s a charity.

      “Non-conformity is the only real passion worth being ruled by.” ― Julian Assange