Insurance Industry Front Group to Bombard Democratic Convention With Ads Attacking Biden-Backed Public Option

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      They even attack this lame half-way step.

      Last month, as Common Dreams reported, the DNC Platform Committee overwhelmingly voted down an amendment that would have added a Medicare for All plank to the final platform. The vote intensified an ongoing grassroots delegate revolt against the Democratic platform; earlier this week, more than 750 delegates voted against the platform in an act of protest against the party’s refusal to commit to guaranteeing healthcare as a right.

      Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), leader of the California delegation to the Democratic convention, announced Thursday that he will vote against the party’s platform over its exclusion of Medicare for All, telling Common Dreams, “Covid-19 makes Medicare for All an urgent moral imperative.”

      In its current iteration (pdf), the Democratic platform briefly shouts out “those who support a Medicare for All approach” before calling for the creation of “a high-quality, affordable public option through the Affordable Care Act marketplace.” Single-payer proponents have warned that a public option—including the one proposed by Biden—would leave millions without coverage and fail to address the most predatory components of America’s for-profit healthcare system.

      PAHCF has long made clear that it is opposed to—and will marshal its vast resources to combat—any proposal to significantly reform U.S. healthcare, arguing that Medicare for All, Medicare buy-in, and the public option would each move “toward a one-size-fits-all healthcare system that is wrong for America.”

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      The money has been paid, there is no moral fiber.    The only “pressure” that works is money.  Lots and lots of money.  And what the insurance industry gives to the Democrats, they get right back, a thousandfold, at the least, from we citizens that Biden is “serving”.  Serving up to Wall Street on a platter.

      I would love to be wrong, but doubties.  And of course, votes for the blue, no matter who, will let Biden/Vichy Dems know that they can do fucking anything, and they will still get those votes.  Well done!  That'[s ALL the pressure that will, evidently, always work – pressure to vote for the blue no matter who, no matter what.  Why should the Democratic Party worry about pressure from the voters?  They do not.

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      I think it all depends on how the Public Option is written. That’s what these ads are about.

      They know there will be a Public Option but they want it written in a corporate-friendly way.

      I believe the insurance industry has figured out how to write a Public Option that will remove those with pre-existing conditions, and push them on to the Public Option while keeping healthy employees.

      What they might be worried about is that companies might insure all of their employees, as a group, on to the government plan. That would be a disaster for the insurance companies.

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