interesting if true. Jesse Ventura debating running on the green ticket for president.

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      Betty Karlson
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      His candidacy would send a very strong message.

      Of course he’s not perfect, but he’s good enough – which is better than the two sexual assaulters nominated by the main parties.

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      I can’t remember which ones, but I think he was interested in telling people that the weather service MaxRad radar was responsible for killer tornadoes.  He has flirted with various right wing fringe groups in the past. Don’t know what he’s been doing lately.

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        The logic that says Jesse is good simply because he’s neither Biden nor Trump is just as flawed as the logic that says Biden is good because he’s not Trump. Let’s face it: many people voted for Trump because he wasn’t Hillary.

        How did that work out for them?

        I wasn’t fooled by the last blowhard outsider celebrity. I have no intentions of being fooled by the latest one. The fact that he’s smarter than the previous one is setting the bar pathetically low.

        This isn’t a game show, folks. It’s our future!

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          Anyway, I do not see Biden as a future that is good for anyone; I am voting Green because I will not vote for Trump or Biden/any other Vichy Dem.  I don’t think anyone expects the Greens would win no matter who their candidate is; the two big parties have effectively blocked third parties for years and also control the counting.  As in, IMO anyone who thinks Hillary got that massive number of California votes in 2016 is foolish.  I think that is why the bizarre outrage – the California count was supposed to be the crowning touch.


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      But he should be able to assemble his FEC team and website pretty quickly.

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      Jim Lane
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      April seems a little late to be still “flirting” with a run.  Aren’t there already candidates in the race who have more connection with the Green Party and who’ve been trying to accumulate support for several months?

      If the Green Party held public primaries, such a run might be feasible, but I’ve never heard of Green Party presidential primaries comparable to those of the major parties.

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        @jimlane Rules very from state to state. I have voted in both a Green and a Socialist primary in Ohio before, but I think a candidate has to get a certain percentage of the vote in the general election before the party can be placed on the primary ballot. Either that, or they have to get a hundred thousand signatures on a petition or something, and half the signatures are always ruled invalid by either the Democrat or Republican Secretary of State.

        This year, even the Libertarians didn’t have a primary, so I don’t know whether something changed or not.

        It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

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        they also have a national convention. howie hawkins, a founder of the party, is their nominee this year.

        as the green nominee jill stein offered the nomination to bernie in 2016. he declined.

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        to take Bernie off the ballot, I would say the primary process is a sham anyway.   At least the Democratic Party primaries are a sham; the DNC has already said it is a private corporation and can name whoever it wants to name, so rigging and cheating and manipulating is quite legal and people should actually have no problem with that.  So I think comparing a primary process among the parties is kinda irrelevant now.  At this point I am voting Green no matter who their candidate is.    The Democrats have quite destroyed my belief in the primary process.  The convention seems pointless, too.  Why doesn’t the DNC just go ahead and name who they want, without all the hoo-hah.  Seems more straightforward.

        Being exhorted to vote for a  candidate that is literally hawked as “lesser evil” by the DNC – what a farce this all is!   Anyway, the Green Party has just as much right to name their candidate as the Democratic Party does.  Ventura, Hawkins, whoever – gets my vote!  IMO the Greens can’t name someone WORSE on issues and records than Biden (or another Vichy Dem) and Trump.  Yeah, I know the Greens can’t win, and “Biden is more electable”, so I do wonder why the bother about people voting Green.  Really, I do.


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      Red Cloud
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      Jesse should get both Biden and Trump in a double headlock and pile drive them to the mat.

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      As much as I know some Greens may resent the intrusion, they need to think about this. Listen to Howie and listen to Jesse. If  Howie was smart, he’d roll out the welcome mat and get Nader on the phone too.  Jesse mentioned Nader and it really is a good idea, he’s familiar and trusted.

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      –they start getting serious about voter outreach.

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      David the Gnome
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      Ventura is basically a libertarian – or at the very least leans heavily in that direction.  While he isn’t quite as nutty as Alex Jones or quite as egotistical as Donald Trump… he’s not someone that I would personally take seriously as a presidential candidate.

      Too many similarities to Trump, including some of his political thinking.

      I might end up sitting this one out. Trump, Biden, or Ventura?  Uhh, is anarchy an option?

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