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      From :

      Joseph R Biden(D) 1,240,377 57.2%
      Donald J Trump(R) 863,640 39.8%
      Jo Jorgensen(L) 35,322 1.6%
      Write-in 14,791 0.7%
      Howie Hawkins(G) 10,399 0.5%
      Dario Hunter(P) 4,393 0.2%

      Nearly 15,000 write-in votes in Oregon as voters choose a candidate they want to have as President!

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      Do we have any idea how the greens did nationally



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      I did read, I believe it was Michigan, had 75,000 votes for third parties.

      I also wonder how many votes were left blank for president. I guess it will take time for these numbers to come out.

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      In fact, I think it was over 2% of the total votes cast. Hillary still won by 13-16 points if memory serves me.

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      Spent several months with Draft Jesse, a lot of which was spent trying to work with the GP as a possible path. They had some pretty decent candidates (Dario was ok, but look up Ian Schlakman.) Every single one of them thought the primary was rigged for Howie (see “cleanthegreens”), to which the Hawkins campaign could only respond with “sour grapes” (not even the correct analogy).

      And that’s before even considering 0/24 Howie himself, or the level of campaign he ran. People make hay of him being a Russiagater, but it hardly starts or ends there.

      The whole thing seemed just all too familiar. And this was after officially joining the Greens, which has since made me think they are kind of a disaster at best (and deliberate controlled opposition at worst).

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