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      This video is believed to be from Dec. 9 or 10, 2019, This Week in Virology at Nipah Virus International Conference in Singapore. Peter Daszak from EcoHealth Alliance was a figure involved with WIV in Wuhan. He’s a UK national, whose office is in New York. He was on the WHO investigation team that went to China. There are so many interesting aspects to this video where Daszak discusses the foundation he heads in NYC, how they are funded and what they do around the world. One of the comments below the video says, I’m surprised this video hasn’t been taken down. My question is why was it posted on youtube at all? He mentions the wet market angle in soliciting financial support from wildlife groups for the foundation.

      To cut to the “good part” start at about 27 minutes. (edit)

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      Peter is a grant  writer. His nonprofit wrote the grant for the WIV to do the gain of function experiments. Tony at the NIH gave money to Peter’s nonprofit so he could fund Bat Ladies experiments at WIV. This is how they got around Obama’s orders to knock off the gain of function experiments that Mr. Bric was doing in North Carolina in the lab there. This video is very revealing in that Peter talks about how they had been able to humanize mice and rats so they can make these virus even more virulent to humans. Something Tony says doesn’t exist. If I were Tony I would be shaking like a leaf while testifying also. Stay tuned because this could get interesting.

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      This dude is sooo sceezy, neck deep in it. Thanks for posting this


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      Yes, where oh where did those bats come from?

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