Iowa precinct chair hung up on when calling state party while live on CNN

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      The caucus chairman of a precinct in Iowa’s Story County was hung up on by someone at the Iowa Democratic Party as he attempted to report his precinct’s caucus results to party officials in a moment captured live on CNN.

      During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Story County precinct captain Shawn Sebastian revealed that he had been on hold with the Iowa state party for more than an hour before the call was answered.

      “Well, Wolf, I have been on hold for more than an hour with the Iowa Democratic Party,” Sebastian says in the clip before a woman’s voice is heard on the line.


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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      So the app didn’t work, the dems recommended people call a hotline as an alternative, the guy was on hold more than an hour trying to report, then when he finally got someone they hung up on him…

      that’s why we can’t have nice things — cause the ptb are not only crooks, but the quality of their work is worse than the average peons.  and they get paid very well for poor quality work and graft.

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        Hi cmt,

        Or better yet.  The primary process and the backup process were both designed to fail on purpose.

        It’s not hard to under staff a telephone system when one knows full well that the primary reporting system will fail requiring a backup call.

        As stated elsewhere, the optics of this are terrible with resulting credibility of the nomination process now in doubt.

        When these type of systemic failures occurred during my Navy tenure, all operations would stop until the root causes were determined and resolved.

        In my opinion, the 2020 nomination process needs to be suspended until all known and unknown issues are resolved.


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      One thing for sure, this is weird.

      This is way beyond what could be explained by all the Russians lurking in shadows, in corners.

      It can’t be Martians either, because all the fantasies about canals and lost cities have been proven false.

      I hate to say it, but the signs suggest that this is inter-galactic election interference.  The US should be put on standby red alert.

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        Are you calling Hillary an Alien?

        Shameful. You know we cage up our aliens right quick!

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      Iowa didn’t have any problems counting Hillary’s votes!  Iowa doesn’t deserve to be the first state to vote!

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