"Is it "radical" to demand that all Americans have health care, that billionaires pay their fair share of taxes,

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      that workers earn at least $15 an hour and that we transform our energy system in order to combat climate change? I don’t think so.”

      Indeed, single payer, progressive taxes, stronger unions, higher minimum wages and a Green New Deal are essential to the progressive agenda. 

      Thanks for staying focused on what is important, Bernie.

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      to demand dems drop the gravy train and work for us. Yes it is radical to demand that the black guy we supported for POTUS stop stealing our homes. Yes it is radical to demand that Hill stop being corrupt. Yes it is radical to demand punishment for Bill’s/Trumps best friend Jeff epstein to stop pedophilia.

      Yes you are on Jackpine RADICALS

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      The political will doesn’t exist, because most Americans are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve them.

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        Any Green New Deal will cause some sacrifices, like people will have to eventually give up gas-guzzlers, but if it is presented correctly those sacrifices can be portrayed as patriotism and those who resist Unamerican. At least, that’s how I would do it.

        As for the rich, F them. They’ve done it to me and mine often enough. They should be glad they don’t have to deal with someone like me.

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      They’ve gotten so used to stealing they forgot how to stop when caught…



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