Is it worse than we thought?

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      Some of you may have read a post from me about a month ago expressing appreciation for delivery people who are on the front lines keeping us safe. I mentioned I keep a stack of baggies on the table containing a five dollar bill and a Purell wipe as a tip for our delivery people. Today I saw a gentleman come through the gate and I went out to give him his “tip”. Bless his heart. He thanked me profusely and said “Ma’am. it’s really bad out here. Our facility has had a huge outbreak. I wash my hands ten to twenty times a day.”

      I could see the stress and fear on his face, and it broke my heart. He has to work, he has no choice and he puts himself at risk every day to keep people like me safe.

      But what was also alarming is that his facility is about thirty miles from my home and this “outbreak” has not been mentioned once on the local news. Not once. It’s not a meatpacking plant, it’s a well known delivery service.

      What is going on? Is there an effort to tamp down panic? Are “the powers that be” misleading us about the full extent of this pandemic? I have no idea what to believe anymore.

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      To it seems like under counting and downplaying may be happening in order to justify rapid re opening

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