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  • MannyGoldstein (2342 posts)
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    Is JPR generally working well from your computer?

    We sometimes get reports from people who are having problems accessing JPR that we can’t reproduce, and we wonder: are many other people having these issues? With your help, we’d like to find out!

    If you could take a moment to let us know if things are running well for you or not, we’d appreciate it. Obviously, we want to make sure that things work as well as we can on our limited budget!

    Please let us know how the following are working for you:

    1. When you type in JPR’s URL (jackpineradicals.com/whatever), the site comes up without getting an error message.
    2. Pages load in a timely fashion (within 7 seconds or so)
    3. Pages look the way they should.
    4. Any other surprises in site behavior.

    Knowing that these work is as important as knowing that they don’t, so please report either case. Particularly if you’re having problems, please let us know the operating system (Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Linux, etc), type of browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc), and browser version if you know how to find that.

    We can’t promise that all problems can be fixed… but if we don’t know about them, it’s most likely that they won’t get fixed!

    Thanks for your time.

    The Admins

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    • Hobbit709 (3264 posts)
      Profile photo of Hobbit709 Donor

      1. The only real problem I have is that sometimes photobucket videos won't show

      the link shows in the post but the video doesn’t.

      It happens about half the time I post one.

      Using Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and SeaMonkey v. 2.40

      I won't shut up and I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing
    • tiamat (674 posts)
      Profile photo of tiamat Donor

      2. Everything working great; usually seven second load time today.

      WIN8.1 on AT&T DSL


    • nevereVereven (3800 posts)
      Profile photo of nevereVereven Donor

      3. Everything seems to be working OK here…

      Running an old Win7 box with FireFox via a CenturyLink cable connection.

      A hologram of a magnifying glass will also function as a magnifying glass, but a hologram of Sherlock Holmes won't solve anything.  
    • NVBirdlady (3773 posts)
      Profile photo of NVBirdlady

      4. JPR works great for me. Only a hiccup ever once in a while.

      I access JPR on my iPad, desktop and laptop. I mostly use my iPad.

      Edit: I occasionally access on my Samsung 6 phone. I experience no issues with JPR.

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    • Purveyor (2622 posts)
      Profile photo of Purveyor Donor

      5. Loads and works fine here. My only issue is with the search feature. Not very

      good at finding search terms in article headlines.

    • broiles (932 posts)
      Profile photo of broiles Donor

      6. It's doing fine.

    • Mick Lady (174 posts)
      Profile photo of Mick Lady

      7. Smooth as butter!

      One of the few glitch free sites I visit. Windows 10 (I think) and Chrome.

      What fresh hell is this?
    • arcane1 (1446 posts)
      Profile photo of arcane1 Donor

      8. Everything works great for me, at home and at work!


    • night (163 posts)
      Profile photo of night

      9. working well here

      Things took a long time to load until you found that bot.  Then they were off and on slow, lately they have been fine.


    • Deadpool (12274 posts)
      Profile photo of Deadpool Admin

      10. Working great on my phone

      iPhone 6S (iOS 10.2)

      Edit: Home computer works great. (iMac)

    • N2Doc (5250 posts)
      Profile photo of N2Doc Donor

      11. Works well on my macs

      1. yes
      2. yes (unless there is a bot attack going on)
      3. yes
      4. no. But I do wish JPR had a better search engine. Seems to miss posts and also would like a time limiter, say, last 24 hours of post search only.
      "But nothing ever changes unless there's some pain" - Tears For Fears "Goodnight Song"
    • Fordfairlanestl (1378 posts)
      Profile photo of Fordfairlanestl

      12. Questions 1-4

      1. Site is bookmarked, comes up every time.
      2. 7 seconds is not “timely fashion” for most people. You can almost see the intentional lag.
      3. Pages look fine. No complaints.
      4. No surprises here

      Other than the lag, I’m happy  :)

      WIN7, quad processor, 4G memory, Firefox(latest)

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    • Pastiche (536 posts)
      Profile photo of Pastiche Donor

      13. JPR is running slow for me

      Ubuntu Linux & Firefox

    • peacecorps (4122 posts)
      Profile photo of peacecorps Donor

      14. It works great on my MacAir and iMac but frequently crashes the browser on iPad

      unless I use the right browser. (Other sites don’t seem to care which browser I use.) :)

    • Babel 17 (3724 posts)
      Profile photo of Babel 17 Donor

      15. Everything is functional

    • Lynetta (681 posts)
      Profile photo of Lynetta Donor

      17. Yes no problem. But I hate Windows 7 and I have a nut loose behind the wheel

      attached to to my internet tubes. BTW I have Firefox. Hope that helps.

    • tularetom (2309 posts)
      Profile photo of tularetom Donor

      18. IMO Putin has hacked your autofill function but other than that it works ok

      I’m not the worlds greatest typist and sometimes I have to glance down at the keyboard as I type.  If I don’t carefully visually scan what I have entered it often appears like something entered by Boris and Natasha (of “moose and squirrel” fame).

      No complaints with the speed of loading or refreshing pages however.

      FWIW I’m using OS X Yosemite (version 10.10.5), and the browser is Safari 9.1.1

      I went home with a waitress the way I always do  How was I to know she was with the russians, too?
    • Peace13 (973 posts)
      Profile photo of Peace13 Donor

      19. The only problem I have..

      when using the iPad is that the pages load slowly. I try to take a few yoga breaths and all is well.  I have wondered if other iPad users have the same issue but didn’t want to sound greedy. You guys have had your hands full!

      Life's too short to vote for immoral warmongers.
    • no-the-other-left (99 posts)
      Profile photo of no-the-other-left Donor

      20. Loading is faster than it's ever been

      Agree that JPR’s search function could use some upgrading.

      I also wish there were a simple way to publicly “like” individual replies to original posts.

      I recommend JPR look at the way this feature works at salon.com, which also includes an “unlike” option in case the liker changes his or her mind.

      It’s a super quick way to know whether or not the community is actually reading the individual replies being posted, as well as whether or not folks agree with the overall sentiment of the individual reply.

      I don’t always have time to craft a response but would like an easy and quick way to let repliers know that I appreciate what they’ve taken the time to post.

      Lastly, it can help create a fuller sense of current community zeitgeist regarding whatever is being discussed.

    • Abakan (2979 posts)
      Profile photo of Abakan Moderator Emeritus

      21. All systems green!

      We are ready for lift off, Captain …Mac OS 10.12.1, Safari 10.0.1

      “I’m, like, a really smart person.” Donald John Trump Me too, we are both homo sapiens.
    • Cleita (2768 posts)
      Profile photo of Cleita

      22. Working fine here on both my computer and iPad.

    • Sherman A1 (707 posts)
      Profile photo of Sherman A1 Donor

      23. I find it slow to load on my Mac

      Other pages load much, much more quickly. OS 10.9.5

      "Be Kind; Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Great Battle." Philo of Alexandria
    • BlueAK (1806 posts)
      Profile photo of BlueAK Donor

      24. It seems okay

      except on my iPad sometimes it’s very slow typing in the topic line if there have been a lot of responses.

      • Haikugal (6798 posts)
        Profile photo of Haikugal Donor

        30. That is the only problem I've encountered as well. Very difficult typing when

        there are a lot of responses. iPad 10.2 Safari

        loading very nicely now that you found the bot. :hi:

    • Rosa Luxemburg (1166 posts)
      Profile photo of Rosa Luxemburg Donor

      25. Pages seem slow to load

      trumpG7 Trump salt  
    • NJCher (2598 posts)
      Profile photo of NJCher Donor

      26. good to all four of your questions

      usually I run the latest version of Opera with the VPN.




    • LiberalArkie (4135 posts)
      Profile photo of LiberalArkie Donor

      27. Everything seems normal here in Arkansas.

      Not slower, maybe a tad faster.  Running 10.12.2 OS X and Safari Version 10.0.2 (12602.


      Everything seems A – O K

    • CNW (2487 posts)
      Profile photo of CNW Donor

      28. No problems here.

      Initially loads within 2 to 4 seconds
      pages display properly
      site is responsive
      no complaints, no problems

      I’m running Linux Mint 18 and Firefox browser

    • WillyT (10683 posts)
      Profile photo of WillyT Donor

      29. Houston ??? – We Are GO !!!





    • Bernice Ta (411 posts)
      Profile photo of Bernice Ta Donor

      31. Generally, things work fine for me.

      1. When you type in JPR’s URL (jackpineradicals.com/whatever), the site comes up without getting an error message.
      2. Pages load in a timely fashion (within 7 seconds or so)
      3. Pages look the way they should.
      4. Any other surprises in site behavior.


      1.I don’t type in the address, I have it bookmarked. It works fine (other than the overload when the election was happening, and I only got an error/busy notice a couple of times) for the most part.

      2. Yes, almost always loads pretty quickly. Some days, things are a bit slower, but that could be my system/internet provider.

      3. I have a small monitor, and have to enlarge the screen, so the place where you see the responses in a thread is all run together. Nothing would fix that except to scroll the screen back, and then I can’t read it.

      4. Um. Nothing I can think of right now. I usually blame stuff on my computer, not the site, though.

      I am running Windows Vista on an old, cobbled together system. I have the next to latest Firefox (47.1 or something), and supposedly have DSL but we’re out in the country and I don’t think they’ve upgraded in years.

      I don’t watch linked videos, because my computer hates that, especially anything that isn’t youtube. Most of the time they won’t load up. But that’s this monstrosity of a desk top I have.

      Hope this helps.

    • Paulie (203 posts)
      Profile photo of Paulie Donor

      32. Works great ?? on my iPhone

      And I’m always running https.  No issues in quite a while. Kudos!!!

    • GoodWitch (956 posts)
      Profile photo of GoodWitch Donor

      33. When I log in, JPR rejects my password for some reason

      I try to stay logged in, but if for some reason I get signed off, it’s tricky to sign back in. I get a message saying my password is “not quite right” even though I keep using the same password.

      Also I’m unable to see videos.


      Make America THINK again
    • ThouArtThat (6114 posts)
      Profile photo of ThouArtThat Donor

      34. Linux Mint 17.3 Here – All Working Well


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    • grouchomarxist (240 posts)
      Profile photo of grouchomarxist

      35. i'm on mozilla windoze 10

      no problems here

      ditto for my machine running 7

    • so far from heaven (14843 posts)
      Profile photo of So Far From Heaven Donor

      36. Works fine on my computer.

      WIN XP pro and Firefox, Chrome, whatever.

      DSL sucks.

      "When you're in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, 'Damn, that was fun.'" -Groucho Marx.
    • immoderate (274 posts)
      Profile photo of immoderate

      37. Response is best it's been in months.

      I’m running Win7 and Firefox. :dance:


    • HIP56948 (3286 posts)
      Profile photo of HIP56948 Donor

      38. Both 8.1 and windows 10. Site working fine!

    • Baba OhReally (394 posts)
      Profile photo of Baba OhReally Donor

      39. generally working well

      It’s never been the fastest loading site, but it has seemed better in the last few weeks. Though I can sometimes sense the poor little hamsters are just worn out and it might take about bit longer than your fashionable 7 seconds.

      No problem with items 1, 3, & 4.

      Use a MacBook at home with the latest update (I believe that’s Yosemite) using either Chrome (primarily) or Safari, and at work it’s Windows machines – using Chrome at my desk, and either Firefox or Internet Explore at other machines.

      I have also sometimes used my iPhone and not noticed any particular problems.


    • morningglory (27 posts)
      Profile photo of morningglory

      40. Running well for me. I pop in every day to see what's up. nt

    • Downwinder (1735 posts)
      Profile photo of Downwinder Donor

      41. Generally fine here.

      The connection speed is less than I would prefer. That is on my end, not yours.

    • Bernin4U (579 posts)
      Profile photo of Bernin4U Donor

      42. Win10: no static at all

      iPhone however, has always had a slightly strange behavior, where only every other upward swipe actually scrolls.

    • Scuba (4470 posts)
      Profile photo of Scuba Donor

      44. Slow, but reliable. Thanks to all who work on it.

    • sabrina (5942 posts)
      Profile photo of sabrina Moderator Emeritus

      45. It's working fine for me …

    • Aerows (4303 posts)
      Profile photo of Aerows Donor

      46. Yes, under 2 Linux builds, Windows 10

      and 4 different browser. I haven’t tested any Microsoft browsers because if I had to use a shitty browser, I’d use Lynx (http://lynx.browser.org/).

      Speaking of, Lynx, despite being entirely ASCII, actually navigates JPR fairly decently. I know – I tried it when I was messing around with a lightweight Linux build. :)

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    • Utopian Leftist (545 posts)
      Profile photo of Utopian Leftist Donor

      47. Latest Firefox Browser on Windows 7

      Of the four things you mentioned, Manny, only one has given me trouble. Sometimes I have to wait up to 30 seconds or a minute for a page to load on this site. More often it is within the 7 seconds.


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    • Eggar (2093 posts)
      Profile photo of Eggar Donor

      48. The ones still affected

      won’t have the opportunity to Reply Here. Just to let you know. The recent issue only 10% of the links would ever pull up and would never get as far as to be able to log in.


      For me,  It looks to have been a corrupted cookie that coinsided with the recent x-mas bug on the site.  I cleaned out my cookie jar on my pc and reloaded the JPR and – No More Issues.  Looked at my smart phone today and it too had the very same problem.  Cleaned out it’s cookie, nuts & all, and no more problem there as well.


      If anyone else is having that same problem – at least clear out your JPR cookie jar and all should be well.  I do keep my intentional antique OS on my PC. But seeing how my android smart phone came up with the same issue I doubt it has much to do with what operating system or browser one is using, but more about a corrupted (not dangerous) cookie being thrown.

      Just thought you’d like an update


      On Edit:  So weird, since cleaning my JPR cookie bucket I have been back to normal. But just as I re-edited to add to this reply – it happened again. Same funky error.  So cleaned out the cookie bucket and all is well again. hmm….

    • LiberalElite (5910 posts)
      Profile photo of LiberalElite Donor

      49. Seems ok here except for one thing happening recently –

      sometimes when I go back to edit, sometimes the title is missing words in the second half.

      For instance, say my post title is: The quick fox jumped over the lazy dog.   Then I go back to edit something and find, over the lazy dog is gone.

      EDIT:  I’m using Win 7 and Firefox.

      I feel much better since I've given up hope
    • Port tack 8 (591 posts)
      Profile photo of Port tack 8 Donor

      50. Working great on computer and iPad

    • shanti (380 posts)
      Profile photo of shanti Donor

      51. Works well for me n/t

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    • Mom Cat (15002 posts)
      Profile photo of Mom Cat Banned

      52. Purring like a kitten!

           NEVER FORGET      BERNIE WON!          
    • Mnpaul (1630 posts)
      Profile photo of Mnpaul Donor

      53. It's working fine on my Windows 7/8 tablets using Maxthon browser

      The pages seem to be loading faster today.

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    • ravensong (1863 posts)
      Profile photo of ravensong Donor

      54. All good here. My service provider's system keeps crashing though, it

      was down for 6 days in the past 2 weeks.

      Together, together, my friends, we have begun a political revolution to transform America, and that revolution, our revolution, continues. ~ Bernie
    • Liberal-Cat (1354 posts)
      Profile photo of Liberal-Cat

      55. Seems To Be Working Well

    • tiamat (674 posts)
      Profile photo of tiamat Donor

      56. Thursday much better thank you

    • KauaiK (3529 posts)
      Profile photo of KauaiK Donor

      57. It's working fine at my end.

      Everyone once in a while the menus around the page come up black, but it’s b/c I have too many things open at once.

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    • pacalo (170 posts)
      Profile photo of pacalo Donor

      58. JPR works just fine on my computer.

      However, I do have to make an adjustment to a smaller screen size whenever I play an embedded YouTube video.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to click on the full-screen mode or click away the ads.

      Thanks for all you do, administrators!

    • Immacolata (243 posts)
      Profile photo of Immacolata

      59. Everything works great for me – Windows 10, HP laptop. nt

    • HubHeaver (264 posts)
      Profile photo of HubHeaver Donor

      60. Working fine on both laptop and android.

    • PADemD (1288 posts)
      Profile photo of PADemD Donor

      61. i keep getting logged out.

      Are we automatically logged out after an interval of  not viewing the site?

      • The Crone (3157 posts)
        Profile photo of The Crone Banned

        72. Sometimes that happens to me too.

        Some days, I  will be using jackpine as background, while I manually write out stuff. And JPR will just sit there waiting for me for hours.

        Then after actually being on it for ten minutes, I go get “a cup of” out in the kitchen and the three mins that takes leaves me booted out. it doesn’t make sense to me. It should be the reverse of that.

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    • LuckyDog (640 posts)
      Profile photo of LuckyDog

      62. Okay on 1-3, but a couple of other glitches persist…

      Usually I am running ISO 10 and Safari on my iPad.

      my cursor sometimes jumps unbidden up into the Title box.

      long threads slow down my performance greatly, like this one.

      sometimes the posts at the end of such long threads disappear.

      i used to get bounced off the site while typing a post.  Not so much any more.

      i feel lucky to get this post in as what I type disappears while typing.  Doesn’t happen at any other site.  Irritating as hell and time-consuming.  This post took about ten minutes to input.


    • ThomPaine (4755 posts)
      Profile photo of ThomPaine Moderator

      63. I am doing ok, thanks.

    • sharkbait (210 posts)
      Profile photo of sharkbait

      64. Pages load very slow. I'm using mac and safari

    • Abelenkpe (538 posts)
      Profile photo of Abelenkpe

      65. Loads slow, sticky when scrolling

      on my iPhone 6


      Less sticky on Mac but still noticeably slower than every other site.


    • bemildred (5801 posts)
      Profile photo of bemildred Donor

      66. Ubuntu/Firefox, works fine.

      Some previous problems seem to have been removed. :-)


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    • beemerphill (224 posts)
      Profile photo of beemerphill Donor

      67. The site is working well for me.

      My computer is a HP laptop running Windows 10 using Chrome. The site is working better now than it has in the past. No problems to report. You are doing a great job. Thanks !!

    • Tierra y Libertad (2034 posts)
      Profile photo of Tierra y Libertad Donor

      68. jpr seems to be working fine, better than before.


      But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants is the liberty of appearing. Thomas Paine

    • zoolook67 (626 posts)
      Profile photo of zoolook67 Donor

      69. As we said "back in the day":

      “Reading you 5 square, Jackpine”

      Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2 (Safari) and CenturyLink.

      Living well is the best revenge.
    • Silver Witch (5913 posts)
      Profile photo of Silver Witch Donor

      70. Works beauty on computer, iPhone and kindle.

    • Stryder (350 posts)
      Profile photo of Stryder Donor

      71. Works fine on this end.

      A few seconds to load but I figured that’s the good bots looking for the bad bots or however that works. Not a problem at all.

    • vattel (1558 posts)
      Profile photo of vattel

      73. works great

      • MannyGoldstein (2342 posts)
        Profile photo of Manny Goldstein Admin

        74. Less filling?

        "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it" - Upton Sinclair
        • vattel (1558 posts)
          Profile photo of vattel

          75. less filling than "pizza"

          • MannyGoldstein (2342 posts)
            Profile photo of Manny Goldstein Admin

            76. Holy @#$%!!! You said that word!

            "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it" - Upton Sinclair
            • vattel (1558 posts)
              Profile photo of vattel

              77. lol