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    Is the Democratic Party an Illusion? – Nomiki Konst




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    The Democratic Party used to be real – what it claimed to be – up until raygun was elected. Then for a while they still held the seats but were pretty much silent on issues. Then along came Bill Clinton followed by Obama. They were truly do nothing presidents and when they did do something it was not in the FDR tradition and moved us away from the safety net etc. Today it is even worse – they are more like Rs than they are Ds. They support the banksters, the corporations, the MIC, the 1% and ignore the needs of their traditional followers: the working force, the needy, POC and women. As long as they continue in this direction we the people have no one speaking for us. And it pretty much that is just fine with the DNC.


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    will support legislation that benefits the corporations and its owners and donors.  Essentially a fee-for-services group now.  Has more in common with professional wrestling, IMO – the fighting is fake, and the gate receipts and advertising dollars are split up amongst  players and owners. Mostly owners.  Or, perhaps, they take turns with the GOP playing  the Globetrotters or the Generals.   In any event, disregard that at your peril.

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      If you give a man enough rope, it will be six inches too short. This is not the nature of rope- it is the nature of man.

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    Fraud is a better description.
    In reality they are the Republicans Left Flank charged with stopping any kind of real progress.

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    a little book that explains the party is available on line

    “reformers come, reformers go, but tammany fall will be here forever” george washington plunkitt

    the republican party is an exclusive club. they require their members to conform and to march in step.

    the dempcrats are better described as a coalition of movements. i suspect most of is here are, loosely, associated with anti war or environmental or consumer protection or similar movements. we are all welcome into the party which will talk about our issues as long as we don’t expect much to be done.

    what will be done is the business of the party and the prosperity (proportional if course, we are not communists, but neither are communists.) of our partisans.

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