Is there a way to hide sig-lines?

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      I looked for one, but to no avail.

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      NV Wino
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      I don’t thinks so. Perhaps we could start a wish list. In the mean time, let’s enjoy a functional and easy to use JPR 4.0.

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      We can put it to a vote. Yes or No for sig lines.

      Unfortunately, a single member cannot opt out from seeing them.

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        retired liberal
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        I like the sig lines… Unless, as some few members do, make they so big with annoying gif’s, as to fill most of the screen with their sig lines. Then have multiple posts in the same thread. That is the real problem. My mouse scroll wheel can only take so much.

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      I lost my sig line in one of the earlier transitions.  Is there a way to add one in this version?

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        Land of Enchantment
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        Hi Bazukhov–yes, go to the pink bar that says “Howdy, Bazukov” and hover over it until you see the drop down menu appear. Scroll down to “Edit My Profile” just under your username and click on it. Scroll down to Forum Signature and add whatever you want–there are instructions there for number of characters, etc.

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