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    ISIS, Al-Qaeda And The U.S. Airforce Wage War On Syria's Public Utilities

    ISIS, Al-Qaeda And The U.S. Airforce Wage War On Syria’s Public Utilities
    January 09, 2017

    There is a campaign underway to destroy Syria’s public utilities. Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the U.S. airforce are involved. Their action is coordinated.

    That is an outrageous statement? No such coordination would ever happen? Consider:

    The idea of the Islamic State was “born” in the U.S. military prison camp Bucca in Iraq. Many of its future leader were interned there and had time and space to develop their philosophy and to plan their future operations.

    In 2012 the Defense Intelligence Agency warned of the rise of an Islamic State entity in Syria and Iraq:


    In an August 2014 NYT interview with Thomas Friedman President Obama said that the U.S. knew about the dangers of ISIS but did nothing to stop its expansion in Iraq because it could be used to oust then Prime Minister Maliki:

    The reason, the president added, “that we did not just start taking a bunch of airstrikes all across Iraq as soon as ISIL came in was because that would have taken the pressure off of [Prime Minister Nuri Kamal] al-Maliki.

    read more:http://www.moonofalabama.org/

    Camp Bucca: The US prison that became the birthplace of Isis

    Nine members of the Islamic State’s top command did time at Bucca

    US Army soldiers carry shot guns as they walk along a corridor separating what they deem to be the most extreme and dangerous detainees held inside the Camp Bucca detention center located near the Kuwait-Iraq border DAVID FURST/AFP/Getty Images

    In March 2009, in a wind-swept sliver of Iraq, a sense of uncertainty befell the southern town of Garma, home to one of the Iraq War’s most notorious prisons. The sprawling detention center called Camp Bucca, which had detained some of the Iraq War’s most radical jihadists along the Kuwait border, had just freed hundreds of inhabitants. Families rejoiced, anxiously awaiting their sons, brothers and fathers who had been lost to Bucca for years. But a local official fretted.

    “These men weren’t planting flowers in a garden,” police chief Saad Abbas Mahmoud told The Washington Post’s Anthony Shadid, estimating 90 percent of the freed prisoners would soon resume fighting. “They weren’t strolling down the street. This problem is both big and dangerous. And regrettably, the Iraqi government and the authorities don’t know how big the problem has become.”

    Mahmoud’s assessment of Camp Bucca, which funneled 100,000 detainees through its barracks and closed months later, would prove prescient. The camp now represents an opening chapter in the history of Islamic State — many of its leaders, including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, were incarcerated and likely met there. According to former prison commanders, analysts and soldiers, Camp Bucca provided a unique setting for both prisoner radicalization and inmate collaboration — and was formative in the development today’s most potent jihadist force.

    Iraqi detainees walk inside the Camp Bucca detention centre located near the Kuwait-Iraq border

    In all, nine members of the Islamic State’s top command did time at Bucca, according to the terrorist analyst organization Soufan Group.

    read more:
    2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the Syrian regime”
    May 19, 2015 by Brad Hoff

    The document shows that as early as 2012, U.S. intelligence predicted the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but instead of clearly delineating the group as an enemy, the report envisions the terror group as a U.S. strategic asset.

    read more: https://levantreport.com/2015/05/19/2012-defense-intelligence-agency-document-west-will-facilitate-rise-of-islamic-state-in-order-to-isolate-the-syrian-regime/

    Leaked audio of John Kerry’s meeting with Syrian revolutionaries/UN (improved audio)
    ‘”I lost the argument for use of force in Syria”. Kerry’s comments came at a meeting that took place at the Dutch Mission to the United Nations on the sidelines the UN General Assembly’.

    The audio gives a glimpse into what goes on outside official meetings. Note that it represents the US narrative and not necessarily the entire true narrative.

    Fair Use, section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976. The audio has been improved by Angel North. Not affiliated with CNN or any referrer to this video. The restored audio is posted here in the public interest of the US people.

    The audio was originally leaked to NY Times in late September which only transcribed parts of it. CNN, which is the source ((http://edition.cnn.com/2016/10/01/pol…)) for the audio posted here, has since removed it from their site.

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    1. "Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

    …when first we practice to deceive!”

    – – – – –

    Edmond: Come hither, captain; hark,
    Take thou this note; [Giving a paper.] go follow them to prison:
    One step I have advanc’d thee; if thou dost
    As this instructs thee, thou dost make thy way
    To noble fortunes; know thou this, that men 
    Are as the time is; to be tender-minded
    Does not become a sword; thy great employment
    Will not bear question; either say thou’lt do ’t,
    Or thrive by other means.
    Officer: I’ll do ’t, my lord.

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      2. … and all those lives lost since …