Israel Destroyed Offices of More Than 20 Palestinian Media Outlets in Gaza

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      In 2008, Momen Faiz Quraiqea was a budding 21-year-old video journalist when an Israeli airstrike blew off his legs. The experience as a victim of what many considered a war crime only hardened his resolve to document the civilian costs of armed conflict.

      “When the Israelis attacked me, I felt it is my life’s role to spread the truth about the crimes against other civilians and journalists in Gaza,” Quraiqea said. “Israel seeks to obliterate the Palestinian message, but each injury only makes us ready to expose their crimes. Our narration will never stop.”

      Despite requiring a wheelchair, Quraiqea spent the next decade establishing himself as an internationally recognized photojournalist. His images from the occupied Gaza Strip — a densely populated strip besieged by Israel’s powerful military — have appeared across international publications and in exhibitions abroad. He formed a small company called Idea Media and got an office space.

      “My colleagues called, said the IDF” — Israel Defense Forces — “just warned they were going to bomb the building, so I rushed to the office,” Quraiqea told The Intercept. “But I didn’t make it in time. It was bombed before I arrived. Totally destroyed.” “I just stood in front of the rubble of my company,” said Quraiqea. “I saw my dreams, the long days of working, our archive and equipment, all in rubble. It is all gone now.”

      Quraiqea’s agency is just one of more than 20 Gazan media outlets razed by Israeli airstrikes in the past week. Much attention has been focused on the airstrikes that destroyed international media organizations’ Gaza offices, but local journalists bear enormous burdens of not only their work for the foreign press, but also to tell the stories of their neighbors and kin. Unlike international colleagues, Gazan journalists cannot leave, for lack of Israeli permission, and, without the protection afforded by global media, take on added risks just by dint of being Palestinians.

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