Israeli airstrikes target Gaza sites, first since cease-fire

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      JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli aircraft carried out a series of airstrikes at militant sites in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday, the first such raids since a shaky cease-fire ended the war with Hamas ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Gaza last month.

      The airstrikes targeted facilities used by Hamas militants for meetings to plan attacks, the Israeli military said, blaming the group for any act of violence emanating from Gaza. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

      On Tuesday, hundreds of Israeli ultranationalists, some chanting “Death to Arabs,” paraded in east Jerusalem in a show of force that threatened to spark renewed violence. Palestinians in Gaza responded by launching incendiary balloons that caused at least 10 fires in southern Israel.

      The march posed a test for Israel’s fragile new government as well as the tenuous truce that ended last month’s 11-day war between Israel and Hamas.

      Full story, apparently written by an Israeli, here.

      I had to help out the ignorant, biased sap a little bit. What happened in Gaza was clearly not a war by any stretch of the imagination. A war requires two sides that can actually fight each other. I speculate that the timing, to coincide with Biden meeting Putin, is not coincidental. The new Israeli government is testing the Biden Administration, and showing their racist, genocidal followers that nothing has fundamentally changed. 

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