Israel's Netanyahu refuses to resign amid corruption allegations

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      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he would not resign if indicted on corruption charges, as police continue to investigate several cases involving him ahead of April polls.

      Netanyahu, who is enmeshed in three corruption cases and denies any wrongdoing, announced last week that a snap parliamentary elections would be held in April, seeking a fresh political mandate after his right-wing ruling coalition collapsed.

      On Monday, Netanyahu said at a press conference during his Brazil visit that he would not step down “in the event of being summoned for a hearing by the prosecutor general before the elections”.



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      Though he does try to tie his fate to that of the occupied territories. “Support me or Israel might give them back!”


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        he got Mossad in bed with al-Qaeda, reforged Hamas in Gaza, and left the West Bank a One State in all but name

        Israel now no longer has any motives for its actions or even existence as A/The Jewish StateTM–the recent moves to declare it that are just a rearguard action: with more people leaving there’s no talk of “reversing the diaspora,” with the wonky laws and parties and the racism it’s not fulfilling the needs of the Haskalah, Religious Zionism, or even just Mizrachis or Ethiopians; there’s no way it can pose itself as the counterterrorist power like in the 70s-80s, or proclaim itself an island of democracy and even liberalism in the Mideast like in the 90s (or even sell arms to countries Carter cut off)

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      It’s a redux year in Israel. Nothing changes.

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