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  • Purveyor (2634 posts)
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    It Takes a Crackup: How Political Parties Recover

    JAN 5, 2017 12:06 PM EST
    ByAlbert R. Hunt

    Democrats are down and out. How can they recover? History provides models for political-party comebacks with one thing in common: serious schisms on the other side.

    Over the past half century, major U.S. parties have been in comparable positions three times. Republicans were dispirited following Barry Goldwater’s debacle in 1964 andagain after the 1974 Watergate scandal and loss of the presidency two years later. Democrats were floundering after two Ronald Reagan sweeps and then George H.W. Bush’s win in the 1988 presidential contest.

    Each time, the party in exile recovered and won the White House aided by divisions leading to primary challenges to incumbent presidents.

    This doesn’t mean Democrats can sit back and count on a breakup between President Donald Trump and other Republicans. That’s never a good strategy. They need to develop more ideas and policies that appeal to working-class voters, rebuild a political infrastructure that has frayed over the past four years and especially to bolster their standing at the state level, where Republicans dominate even more than in Washington.



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  • Cassiopeia (1407 posts)
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    1. This article leaves out one very important tidbit.

    Chances are very good that if anyone, and I do mean just about anyone, else had been running against Trump he would have lost.  Hillary was probably the only person eligible to be POTUS in the US that he had any chance to beat.

    Without Hillary the Dems would still at least have the WH.

    • Purveyor (2634 posts)
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      2. I believe this to be 100% correct. We told them… eom

      • Cassiopeia (1407 posts)
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        3. Yep

        Hell I got banned for telling them 6 weeks before Bernie even joined the race.

        I’ll have fun getting active here in my local chapter.