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      Johnny Cash’s mother-in-law on guitar.


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      … as long as you’re singing it…  Pete Seger

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      I first heard this sung by The Kingston Trio.  When I got divorced, the biggest division of property fight was who got the Kingston Trio albums and who got Peter, Paul and Mary.  Also an argument over which of us would take Ed Ames’ When the Snow is On the Roses – neither of us would admit to buying it in the first place.   I got PP&M, now I can of course listen to anything I want for free.  Best thing is I can also hear the original singers!

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        Apologize and Elvira on it?  I bought that album at a yard sale with no cover and only a dust jacket on it when I was sixteen or seventeen.  I stillh have it, although I rarely play LPs anymore.

        Love Ed Ames.  What a voice!  Even into his 90s.

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