It Was All Worth It to Hear Bernie Say Five Years Ago, “Henry Kissinger Is Not My Friend”

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      I jumped up from my couch while watching that moment live in 2016. I’ve executed many bad Bernie impressions of it in the half-decade since. I’ve joked that if this were the single thing that came out of both Sanders campaigns, all the time and money and effort expended on his campaigns still would have been worth it.

      While there is much more to be said about him than this, Henry Kissinger is directly responsible for more massive and appalling bloodshed than anyone else alive. Here’s how historian Greg Grandin puts it:

      A full tally hasn’t been done, but a back-of-the-envelope count would attribute 3, maybe 4 million deaths to Kissinger’s actions, but that number probably undercounts his victims in southern Africa. Pull but one string from the current tangle of today’s multiple foreign policy crises, and odds are it will lead back to something Kissinger did between 1968 and 1977. Over-reliance on Saudi oil? That’s Kissinger. Blowback from the instrumental use of radical Islam to destabilize Soviet allies? Again, Kissinger. An unstable arms race in the Middle East? Check, Kissinger. Sunni-Shia rivalry? Yup, Kissinger. The impasse in Israel-Palestine? Kissinger. Radicalization of Iran? “An act of folly” was how veteran diplomat George Ball described Kissinger’s relationship to the Shah. Militarization of the Persian Gulf? Kissinger, Kissinger, Kissinger.

      Kissinger is one of the most evil human beings to ever walk the earth. If there is a hell, Henry will be swiftly escorted there through a no-line, no-wait express lane upon death. Satan will waive the usual paperwork and allow Kissinger’s deposit directly into the lake of fire.

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