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      NV Wino
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      The Montreal signs could easily be transported to Georgia and changed to Peach Tree… St, Ave, Ct, Lane, Drive, Blvd. I’m sure I’ve left out a few. The only thing worse than all the Peach Trees is the fact that rush hour co-opts a lane in oncoming traffic. So you’re driving along trying to find the right version of Peach Tree and suddenly you find traffic coming toward you… in your lane. Driving in Atlanta is soooo much fun.

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        The Red Menace
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        I spent 4 months in Atlanta (a poorly-advised one way trip to meet “the love of my life” when i was 19. OOPS) and boy… boy. Those roads were so tangled up that i honestly expect there’s a minotaur living in the middle of them all.

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        The reason for all those “Peach Tree” names??

        Would you believe…… it’s racism?

        It’s been a while since I heard the story…. it was either on Thom Hartmann’s show or Mike Malloy. Both of whom have lived in the Atlanta area.  Seems that back in the post civil war South, some racist had the bright idea to designate certain neighborhoods as “whites only” and they would designate “Peach Tree” as the name of the street where you had to be white to live there. And when Peach Tree street filled up, they had to come up with  Peach Tree Avenue, Peach Tree Lane,  etc.

        Given the current demographics in Atlanta, I don’t think this strategy worked very well long term. But there’s nothing overtly racist about a fruit, so they never bothered changing the names of the roads, apparently.  If they had given the streets names like “Jefferson Davis Blvd” or “Nathan Bedford Forrest Drive” and been more obvious about it, there probably would have been a lot of street signs ripped up by now.

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