It’s Time to Junk “Junk Insurance”

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      At the time, I had no idea my plans were junk. It’s only after the fact that my curiosity led me to googling. I was shocked and appalled to find out how many of those short term policy providers I used had been sued by cancer patients when they refused to cover needed treatments, or cut off their policies altogether through a manipulative process called recission.

      Recission, banned under the ACA, is when lawyers go through your health insurance policy with a fine-tooth comb and figure out where you filled out something wrong. If they found something, they would use it as an administrative loophole to avoid paying for your treatment. Apparently, it’s cheaper to pay a team of lawyers for a few hours than reimburse months of expensive chemotherapy.

      That could have been me. There are still too many consumers out there, who will never know they have been ripped off until they desperately need care. They will run into annual limits, lifetime limits, treatments that are only partially covered or not covered at all –or the insurance companies can get really creative and terminate their policy altogether.

      I can understand the impulse to lower health insurance costs by lowering standards. Sure, if you don’t require insurance companies to cover expensive things or people needing expensive care, it gets a lot cheaper.

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      there are numerous ways they can use their “limited liability” and the bankruptcy laws to keep those executive bonusses rolling.

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