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      After I noticed that every account I ever had access to was suspended, I reached out to two reporters who had been following the story and I had been speaking with. I trusted them, as they were among most of (but not all) the journalists who didn’t misquote me or editorialize in their write-ups.

      I flagged the account suspensions and they requested comment from Twitter. At first, a spokesperson failed to respond to either. It wasn’t until one of the reporters tweeted about it, highlighting that Twitter had suspended a journalist’s account along with other associated accounts, calling it “ridiculous.” Following the reporter’s post to get the accounts reinstated, all were reactivated about three hours after the tweet. Twitter’s spokespeople then responded to one of the requests for comment, stating, “we suspended these accounts out of an abundance of caution.”

      I was told candidly that had the reporter not posted about it, my account and those associated would likely have been suspended longer or permanently banned. Fortunately, my former employer didn’t notice or at least didn’t reach out. On the other hand, DSA comrades were quick to notice and didn’t seem pleased with my involvement in getting one of their accounts suspended. I was deeply apologetic, offered an honest account on the situation, and elected to remove myself immediately when the account was reinstated.

      Chan told the Daily Beast that after her suspension she was unable to find a caregiver in assisting her daily living, as she used Facebook to find home health aides. When pressed for comment, Facebook cited her posts as advertisements, telling the Daily Beast, “it’s against company policy for users to either attempt to or successfully sell, buy or exchange site privileges or Facebook product features, including attempting to complete the U.S. authorizations process on behalf of another individual.” Public relations spin aside, a spokesperson for the networking site later stated that the moderators planned to reinstate Chan’s account.

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      Nice to see this in Counterpunch. Big Tech has gotten way too big and powerful. At the very least, all these corporations should be treated as public utilities. The problem is, until we get money out of politics the corporations will just buy off the politicians and elected officials will appoint corporate ones to regulate the corporations.

      For example, see Obama’s and Trump’s Cabinets.

      Ultimately, you have to kill capitalism itself to solve the Big Tech problem.


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      Is like using unfettered fire to heat our homes. Eventually they will destroy those things they were ment to preserve.

      Capitalism needs heavy chains.

      Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

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