It’s Time To Reckon With Clinton Democrats Who Pushed Russiagate

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      Like the vast majority of the country, the Democratic Party establishment was in complete and utter shock when Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. Almost all of the most influential media pundits were convinced there was no way Hillary Clinton would lose.

      Democrats, especially those closely aligned with the Clintons, quickly turned to the theory that the Trump campaign engaged in conspiracy or coordination with officials of the Russian government as the best explanation for dealing with the shock of the moment. They wielded this theory in order to unify and mobilize opposition to Trump.

      Now, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has concluded. Mueller was unable to “establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

      Journalists like Glenn Greenwald and Aaron Maté spent every other week for the past two years debunking false claims and deliberate exaggerations in the United States media that fed all sorts of wild and feverish story lines about the Trump administration’s relationship with Russia President Vladimir Putin’s administration.

      More at above link.

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      I’m waiting for:

      1. Rachel Maddow to be fired from MSNBC.
      2. John Podesta to be sent to work with the peasants (Cultural Revolution reference)
      3. Adam Schiff to be sent to intern at a GazProm facility in Siberia.
      4. Robby Mook to clean all the windows in Trump Tower.
      5. Neera Tanden to be sent to work in a sweatshop in Bangladesh.
      6. Hillary to apologize to the chairs that were not thrown in Las Vegas and to sit in one of them and shut up.

      Being an immortal deity, I have the time to wait.

      Corporate America consists of totalitarian entities laser-focused on short-term greed.

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      Russiagate was the most racist meme to date from the D-party after the superpredator jailings. If the nominee is not bernie or tuulsi, I plan to vote against every SINGLE Dem

      Never expect different result by following the previous steps

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      Can’t we just like, totally ignore them? I am So. Fucking. Sick. Of. Russiagate, that I hope the JPR admins make a forum devoted to Russiagate so that it doesn’t continue to fill up General Discussion like it has for the past 2 years.

      “A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good, just because it's accepted by a majority.” ~ Booker T. Washington

      The truth is, there’s no such thing as being “anti-Fascist.” Either you are a decent human being with a conscience, or you are a fascist.
      ~ Unknown

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        Two way street
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        Yes, I hope so too because the CC-Clinton Campaign is now calling Mueller a Russian Agent and seems to be taking over the Russia-gate investigation.  They are the laughing stock of the world already.  Wish Bernie was in a Third Party so he would not have to be agreeing to small parts of the Herself mania.

        2020-2024 Campaign Season: We the People are in the fight for our lives and livelihoods.

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        While I understand your wish to forget about this, I

        don’t think that we can for 2 reasons: a) they are not

        giving up on this (though they make change the goal-

        post a bit) and b) their propaganda was somewhat

        successful in ruining any rational diplomacy in our

        foreign policy. Thus accountability is necessary.

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      David the Gnome
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      Not likely.  Should we reckon with them?  Should they be reckoned with?  Probably.  You have to ask the question though: “Who is us?”  Or, if you want to be proper about it I suppose; “Who are we?”  and, just as disturbingly “who is them?”

      See… here at JPR there are a number of people who have learned to look harder.  There are a number of sites and forums like ours – but we remain, I believe, in a minority.  Trump supporters and/or republicans in general probably had their doubts about RussiaGate – but most dems swallowed it.  Even one that many of us consider our greatest Champion – Bernie Sanders – went along with it.  What his reasons were, I don’t care to ponder or guess right at this moment, but I am sure he had them.

      What kind of reckoning do you expect?  Apologies?  Criminal investigations?  Actual truth?  My friend, we may as well all buy land on the moon or bridges in New York City.  Any such that is offered (and it is highly unlikely that it will be) will be as phony and ridiculous as the entire Russiagate madness has always been.  A reckoning?  Among ourselves and each other, perhaps such is (somewhat) possible.  On a National scale though?  Nope.  Won’t happen.  Not until people are a lot more pissed off and a lot more unwilling to trust the government and media than now.  It has not reached that level, not yet.

      I think that the best we can do in this case is continue to point out the truth – where applicable, and to not get bogged down with expecting any kind of accountability, credibility, or justice.  Such things are well beyond this system.  No, information, facts, truth, those are our best tools… every mind we can open, every individual we can even lightly nudge towards awakening… the closer we come to an age in which there will be such things as credibility in journalism, justice in law, or accountability in politics.

      It is not that time yet.

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      The Clinton Ds are propagandists, America needs to reckon with propaganda overall.  The corrupt DNC didn’t invent it, doesn’t own it, just uses it for profit.  The article makes one good point:

      “The Trump-Russia narrative was an easy way to avoid continuing debates the Sanders campaign forced around single-payer health care, jobs, free college tuition, taxes, the environment, and corporate welfare. (These debates, by the way, were ones Sanders Democrats were winning.)”

      The DNC propagandists will do anything other than rationally discuss those issues because their owners are those industries.

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      And remove the bought-off talking heads at CNN and MSNBC. They should have had the decency to hang their heads in shame and immediately resign. Since they are not decent people, they need to be fired for pushing this shit or two freakin’ years when having zero proof of anything. And the head of both corrupt corporate owned MSM propaganda networks need to be removed. They have zero credibility.

      It’s unbelievable Maddow is still harping on this story too. She obviously doesn’t like being told she’s wrong and has been for 2+ years.

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      I want jail.

      Nothing less.

      Lots and lots of jail time for the whole fucking crew……..
      …..all in one cell with one toilet to share and one bunk,……..let them vote who gets to go next.

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